The Grandstand Jockeys

Saturday April 13th was a hopping night in Downtown Albany. Please take note Rebecca Lobo of ESPN! Even the Monster Trucks including Grave Digger were tearing it up at the MVP Arena down the street. It is rare that my 16 year old son Ian wants to do anything with his Dad these days but […]

There was a locals show at Empire Underground in Albany on Saturday, March 16th with the return of the Non Compliants, The Hauntings, The Grandstand Jockeys, and Black Belt Jones. Photography by Timothy Reidy. More from Timothy Reidy…

The Grandstand Jockeys popped by the studio to lay down a few jams. For more info on the band… or merch CLICK HERE

Good Times, Great Oldies! LOL

On Sunday, April 23rd, Shortwave Radioband, The Snorts, The Grandstand Jockeys and Have Fun! played the Fuze Box in Albany. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

March 28th in Albany, NY was a Tuesday night for music. Many people flocked to the Palace across the street to see Third Eye Blind belt out their hits from the late 90’s but there was another crowd downtown and they wanted to see and hear bands that were up and coming. This crowd found […]

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