Willie Nile

Singer/Songwriter/Guitar Slinger, Willie Nile made a stop to WAMC’s Linda Norris Auditorium on a cold, winter night for the umpteenth time.  Neither he, nor General Manager Peter Hughes, seemed sure how many times he’s appeared at one of his regular stops, but one of the photos adorning the walls of the venue is his, looking […]

One rarely expects a bona fide rock and roll star to be humble and a singular storyteller.  Willie Nile is all that and more. His solo performance at the Linda this evening was entertaining, energetic and, most of all, personal.  The backdrop he provided for his material shows a man of thought and character.  From […]

Klaatu barada nikto is a phrase from The Day the Earth Stood Still. Willie Nile’s  latest release plays homage to that film. He comes to The Linda on February 18th  and this is part of the story. RRX: We’re speaking with Willie Nile, who has been described as the troubadour of New York City. We […]

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