Another grower friend of mine loves to cook and he is good at it. Once he got his indoor hydroponic system locked in, he had to figure out what to do with all of those buds. To the kitchen he went.  First, obviously, you must dry it. And then you grind it. The day I […]

The plants we met last time are now six weeks old. Let’s review to catch up. My buddy who is getting back into growing ordered the seeds he wants to grow – Durban Poison and DJ Short Blueberry – and they arrived with some extra seeds, compliments of the seller. He decided to test his […]

While some gardeners are happy to purchase the vegetables and herbs they like to grow every year as seedlings, others prefer to start with seeds. Seeds are your only option if you want to grow things the local garden store or big box retailer isn’t likely to carry. I’ve never found pickling cucumber, green bean, […]

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