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Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy – An Xperience Column – by Jeff Spaulding. This month, I will relive my youth (as it were) with a trip down memory lane to my earliest time in radio, when I was learning the business, polishing my chops, and trying to talk on the air without […]

The Heights – An Xperience Column – by Joe Barna. Welcome back to The Heights. In this episode we will talk about one the most relevant, significant and revered drummers of the past 30 years in jazz history, rhythm master Joe Farnsworth. Many of you may not know this name, but after reading this article […]

Chatham Rabbits – An Xperience Interview – by Rob Smittix. I spoke with Sarah McCombie of the bans Chatham Rabbits. RRX: I think a lot of people that aren’t yet familiar with you in our area are gonna be confused because they’re gonna think that you’re a local group. Within our local area, we actually […]

Anacortez – An Xperience Interview – by Seth Casale I sat down with Mike and Jessie from Anacortez and talked music and recording, including a sneak preview of their most ambitious original song yet. Spoiler alert—it’s great! RRX: OK, thanks for joining me today, guys. So, Anacortez, where did that name come from? ANA: I […]

For April Fool’s, we decided to have a great issue for you. That’s just every month? Oh. This month feature actor Jon Lindstrom, Men At Work frontman Colin Hay, and drummer Don Howland.

The 2024 Listen Up Awards, put on by Radioradiox Xperience Monthly and Mirth Films, was held at Putnam Place on Sunday, March 24th. Photography by Stephanie J Bartik.     More from Stephanie J Bartik…

Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy – an Xperience Column – by Jeff Spaulding. Here’s a question to those who made New Year’s resolutions, in particular to lose weight/get in shape/new year new you crap? It’s now March, if you haven’t been sticking to the routine go back to Five Guys and ditch […]

The Freak Explosion, Part Two – An Xperience Column – by Johnny Mystery. You might be wondering why we need a part two. A good many music lovers probably are not even aware of the term, freak beat. Like so much in the world, as we go down the time tunnel, we tend to give […]

This Day in History – an Xperience Interview – by Kristian Montgomery. Here in Upstate NY we have a music scene as diverse as the melting pot we call America. .It’s only fair to share it with the world and vice versa, and I have been tasked with the enormous weight of all that is […]

Tame the Rooster – An Xperience Interview – by Liam Sweeny. I love country. In particular, I love old, outlaw country. Willie, Waylon, Cash. Reminds me of the smell of sawdust on a dive bar floor when I was six and my dad and my uncles needed a pit stop (it was a different time.) […]

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