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Tarik Shah – An Xperience Biography – by Colin Roberts. “I was working with everybody,” Tarik Shah says. “I was working left, right, and center.” The bass player and host of the Wednesday Night Jazz Jam at 518 Craft in Troy is soft-spoken, quiet, and unassuming, but when one watches him perform, it’s clear there’s […]

The Singin Guru – An Xperience Column – by Jeff and Crystal Moore. Dear Singin’ Guru,  I recently saw a band where the lead singer had an incredible range. My friends and I were wondering how low or high the human voice can go. I knew where to get the answer, so enlighten me, Singin’ […]

Eric Delage – An Xperience Interview – by John Sanchirico. I first met Eric Delage, via Greg Bell at Bellstock Music Festival in July of 2022. We crossed paths around sunrise one morning, walking along a winding, bubbling creek, babbling and glistening in the early morning sunshine. I could tell that he had an overflowing […]

Prog Digest – An Xperience Column – by Klyde Kadiddlehumper. Welp, this month, ol’ Klyde was gonna make a rant about the misuse of the words “progress” and “progressive,” with the topic revolving around the dumbest implementation of a system that is supposed to be better, more efficient, and more convenient … which it is […]

Bryan McPherson – An Xperience Interview – by Rob Smittix. RRX: Bryan Mc-Fur-Son, I am saying it correct. Right? BM: Yeah, that works. You can say it either way. I don’t give a sh** anymore. Mc-Fear-Sen, Mc Fur-Son … who cares? RRX: I’m pretty sure you told me years ago it was Mc-Fur-Son. BM: The. […]

Jade – An Xperience Interview – by Sketchy Hubris. “It was Burma, after the war.” Higgins (Magnum, P.I. 1982) After serving in Vietnam, brothers Bob and Dennis Santa Lucia started the band Jade in 1971. Jade’s name comes from a popular cologne of the time, Jade East. Members of the band have come and gone, […]

Jim Kaufman – A Capital Region Timekeepers Interview – by OP Callaghan. As I sat down to write up this month’s edition of Capital Region Time Keepers, I decided to reach out to my friend Howard Glassman to get his opinion on drummer Jim Kaufman. “Jimmy the Kid,” exclaimed Howard. “Solid as Sears, when Sears […]

The Top Forty Desert – An Xperience Column – by Johnny Mystery. Out in the arid plains, we find the vapid wasteland we refer to as Pop Music.  The Top 40 landscape has been talked of ad nauseam since this antiquated art form appeared nearly a century ago. Where’s the melody anyway? I didn’t ask […]

Joe Stump – An Xperience Interview – by Rob Smittix. RRX: This issue of Xperience was gonna be our big hip-hop issue and they all kind of flaked out. So now I got Pat Travers in this same issue as you. So, now it’s the guitar hero issue. JS: Pretty cool. RRX: So, you’ve got […]

Taylor Destroy – An Xperience Interview – by Liam Sweeny. RRX: What is Taylor up to today? What are you doing? TD: I’m in a band called Aspect Iris. We are a progressive metalcore band and we’ve been writing a lot recently. Our last EP Vol. 0 was recorded with Landon Tewers from The Plot […]

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