Celebrating a lifetime of punk rock

Written by on November 20, 2018

24 hours of Punk Rock sponsored by Collar City Tattoo Troy.  RRX   is digging into an arsenal of music (1969 to current). Your input is encouraged email us info@radioradiox.com.  We Compiled a mighty list of  requested bands   (The Queer’s, Black Flag, Rise Against, The Dicks, Sonic, Youth, The Heartberakers,  The Business, Sex Pistols, Sheer Terror,  U.S Bombs, The Melvins,  7 Seconds, The Ramones, X,  Patti Smith , Fear, Cro- Mags, The Stooges, Pansy Division, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Quicksand, Talking Heads, The Clash, Violent Children,  The Clash, Husker DU, Negative Approach, Bad Religion, New Bomb Turks, Sleater Kinney, Jerry’s Kids, Agnostic Front, The Replacements, AFI, Misfits, The Offspring,  to name a few) We will do our best to include all requests.  Send us pictures of your old punk show flyers

“Is celebrating punk rock, the right punk thing to do?”  Short and simple, the answer is yes! It really depends on who you ask.   Everyone has their own opinion on what punk is and identity, we will respect that.  Book shows, make flyers, pass out mixed tapes.  We all have hung out with the dude who know’s everything about punk and only likes the demo. We still hang out with him.   D.I.Y. ethic (do it yourself), and of course the worldwide  underground family.  While thinking about this too much, we decided to do some research.   We decided quickly, Thursday January 31, Radio Radio X will play 24 hours of punk rock music.

Punk Rock was said to be invented in the 1960’s with extreme garage rock?   The experts say it was The Ramones and Sex Pistols in the 1970’s.  National Punk Day is a holiday celebrated all over the world. where people dress punk rock or like there favorite punk bands. The day being January 31, because it’s Johnny Rotten’s birthday,  Radio Radio X should and will provide the soundtrack.  24 HOURS OF PUNK  Starting at midnight January 31, 2019.  Your opinion, input, & requests are welcome please email Ralph@radioradiox.com

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