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Already making their mark the Syracuse New York band Root Shock, has been astonishing audiences since 2012.   Defined as “Conscious, soulful, uplifting, even healing—that’s how many fans of Root Shock have described the band’s infectious sound and energy. With a reputation like that, it’s unsurprising that this group is indebted to reggae, a class of music forever married to love, humanity, social change, and an almost tangible sense of sunlight”  That’s quite a statement, and Root Shock stand behind it! Root Shock members Jessica Brown and Tyre Outerbridge are collaborating into a new atmosphere of sound, as a duo known as JT Lake.


RRX: Let’s discuss  your musical career? The beginning? Early childhood?

JESSICA: I started singing at a very young age and grew up in church so that led to a lot of opportunities to get comfortable performing in front of people. The same goes for Tyre (drummer/keys). We both grew up in an environment that gave us the opportunity to practice our craft. And since then we both have many years of touring, writing & recording with different bands around the country/world.


RRX: What is your inspirational focus when creating music?

JESSICA: It really depends. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music that influences my songwriting. But I would say my lyrics are inspired by personal growth, struggle & love as well as nature & spirituality. With this project either Tyre or I will come up with an idea and then bounce it off the other person and record it. And then the song develops as we come up with more ideas.


RRX: With Root Shock’s success, what made you get out there with a duo playing live ?

JESSICA: As an artist, we always want to be as creative as possible. We need more outlets for experimenting with different musical styles & pushing ourselves to grow as musicians & performers. Plus it’s just fun, and we both wanted to work on another project. Obviously Root Shock is the priority, but we wanted to create something else to work into our schedule.


RRX: Do you feel JT LAKE is rewarding aside from Root Shock? How

JESSICA: Of course it is! We wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t. Again, the point of being an artist is to get creative and move people through your art. And Root Shock is very rewarding in that way. But we all have different sides of ourselves that we want to express and that’s the beauty of this project. JT Lake is very different from Root Shock, so you can experience something completely new.

RRX: Does JT LAKE  plan on recording in 2020?

JESSICA: I hope so! We have the resources so hopefully we can get in the studio at some point.


RRX: What is in the future of Root Shock?

JESSICA: Well, again… JT Lake is a duo act. We are the singer & drummer from Root Shock, but won’t be doing any Root Shock songs… I don’t want people thinking this is a Root Shock show, because it is not. (You’ll have to check out the RS tour schedule for that ,aside from that, Root Shock is doing very well, and we are excited for the upcoming opportunities. We will be touring, recording and spreading our music around the globe.

Friday November 15, 2019 7 pm  at Unihog  2 center street Hoosick Falls NY -Little Rock Music Group Presents: JT Lake with Laura Leigh, Shannon Roy Unihog and Sumos Kitchen Hoosick Falls NY

www.facebook.com/JTLakeMusic/      www.rootshockmusic.com

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