Vito Ciccarelli – Just When I Thought I Was Out

Written by on October 24, 2019

After a 5 year stint of doing a three hour radio program, I hit a wall of sorts. Working a full time job as Director of Tourism & Special Events for Rensselaer County, booking bands/ promoting shows with 6String Music Management, doing a weekly radio show, and trying to give some time to my family – I was stretched to say the least, and needed to pull the plug on something. So after much thought, I voluntarily ended my radio show.

Vito Ciccarelli. Photo by Stephanie Bartik.

Vito Ciccarelli. Photo by Stephanie Bartik.

I’m two weeks into my radio hiatus, and I get a call from my radio mentor and Kaleidoscope host, Jim Barrett, telling me that I should come over and do a show on RadioradioX. I told JB that I no longer had that fire in my belly, and declined. The following day, his Lawn Sausage partner, and X station owner Art Fredette (a huge force in the local music scene for many years) calls me and asked me to lunch. We broke bread over at Dinosaur BBQ, and Art simply said, “Your show is too damn good to take it off the air. What you’ve been doing for local music is important, why don’t you join us over at the X?” My first thought was to just say no, but the way he laid it out hit a nerve. Being I really needed to find some balance in my day to day schedule, I passed on the offer. But Artie is a persistent SOB, and continued to work the room, so to speak. I told him I’d at least think about it.

Next up, my nephew Ralph Renna (Production Director at the X), who also is a well-respected driver of the 518 music scene. Ralph simply said, “Unc, what you’ve been doing for local music can’t just go away. You need to be on the air again.” I thought about what he said long and hard. Between Jimmy, Art, and Ralph, they made me realize the importance of what I had been providing to local musicians over the past 5 years. Needless to say, they struck a nerve. Knowing how hard so many in the 518 work at their craft, and the money they invest in their careers, I relented and said yes to bring my show to the X – feeling like Michael Corleone in Godfather III when he uttered, “Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.”

So here’s what to expect from my new show. My priorities will not waver, as always, local music will be the focus. The show will debut on Saturday, November 2, 6 -9 pm, with the show’s name remaining the same, with a little twist – At 6 with Vito on the X. I can already feel myself getting excited to begin a new adventure at RadioradioX. Partnering with Art, Jim, and Ralph should be great time, and a big boost for the 518 scene. All share the same passion for local, regional music as I do, and I anticipate some big things happening. Besides the local/regional component, my show will feature an array of up-and-coming artists from around the country. Many of them are releasing some incredible music but are unfortunately stonewalled from airplay by commercial radio stations. The show will be primarily rock/ funk/Motown based, with a few surprises thrown into the mix.

I’m really hoping my regular listeners will follow, and support this new adventure I’ll be embarking on. Local music is my passion, and fits the path taken by the X. My mission statement is the same as it has been since I began, to turn my listeners on to the best in 518 music, and to create ‘radio magic’. I hope you’ll join me in this new adventure.

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