Keith Streng: What It’s All About

Written by on March 5, 2020

Keith Streng is the high flying, high energy guitar player for The Fleshtones but he is also a student of Rock-n-Roll. On March 15th, Keith will be stopping by The Hangar on The Hudson with The Split Squad. RadioradioX was lucky enough to catch Keith and ask him a few questions.


Keith Steng.

Keith Steng. Photo by Ed Conway.

RRX: You have been the guitar player for The Fleshtones from the very beginning and your style is unique. How old were you when you started playing and what is your approach to the instrument ?

KS: I started playing drums first for years and only switched to guitar when I was 17. Playing drums unknowingly would become a huge benefit to playing rock and roll guitar. An elementary guitar course was offered as a music class credit in high school. I thought it would be fun!
I was never interested in technique, I wanted to play rock and roll! It is all about passion!

RRX: Having traveled the world playing music, what makes for a great show? What cities are your favorite to play?

KS: Fun! Passion! Spontaneity! Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, and Troy N.Y. at the Hangar Sunday afternoons.

RRX: Throughout your musical career you have been a part of numerous projects outside of the Fleshtones, How do these projects differ from The Fleshtones and what are the similarities?

KS: Mainly working with different people. Everybody brings something different! I wanted to improve and expand my playing and writing, Rock and roll is the glue of everything I do!

RRX: The Split Squad can easily be called a garage rock super-group, how does a group like this come together?

KS: In the case of The Split Squad, Mike Giblin came up with this formula and united us, Mike is a think tank consultant and estimated this combination of personnel could not miss the lofty standards set to become a “garage rock super-group! And I always wanted to play with everyone in the group!

RRX: People say guitar driven music is on the wane. I don’t agree. What are your feelings about such a statement? What new bands do you find exciting?

KS: At certain points different elements are behind the wheel of rock and roll. Make no mistake! Guitar driven music always wins big! Things come and go, I am a witness to rock and roll history!My fav new band now, Les Grys, Grys, from the south of France. They are hot!

Make sure to stop by The Hangar on March 15th, 3pm and catch Keith in action. Advance tickets available at River Street Beat Shop, The Ale House and Let’s Rock.

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