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Written by on March 10, 2020

Thanks for checking us out again, we’re proud to be part of Xperience, the hottest thing going on for the Capital Region next to Gov. Cuomo’s trips to Puerto Rico.

I planned on doing a continuation from the last issue on what I called “Musical Royalty,” where music acts are given (somewhat) proper titles to their name (for example, at last count there were six guys named the “King of Rock & Roll”).

Although we all know our friend Art Fredette is the TRUE King of Sausage (please don’t hurt me Jim Barrett).

So that said, consider this change in subject an audible, since we’re staying with football analogies. #superbowl #xfl

Part of this edition deals with the “Cranky Old Guy” in me, and some with how I am cool being said Cranky Old Guy.

It’s about awards Shows, the idea started mainly after the Grammys, but it applies to all the big ones (Oscars, Emmys, Tonys etc).

I will focus on the Grammys, since that was the initial inspiration.

While trolling Facebook the day after the show (yes, Facebook is still a thing, although I can be partial to dancing like a goof on TikTok with my middle grandson Zach), I saw so many older people (I assume they were older by the content of their posts) complaining that the Grammy nominations/awards were for current/contemporary artists that (assuming) my generation has never heard of, or who thought the artist looked/acted like a freak, or who couldn’t stand the noise/garbage/crap music (as if they could call it that) that got them nominated/won them an award.

To quote Col. Sherman Potter on M*A*S*H, “what a load of horse hockey!”

What about all of the great music acts of our (long, long, long ago) youth like (pick any of the following who fit)

Elton John
Green Day
Led Zeppelin
Michael Jackson
Pearl Jam

In fact, there is NOTHING wrong with ANYONE on the list, but by and large the big chartable hit music from them is way in the past (I’m looking at YOU, King of Pop-see, I got to reference last issue and tease next issue).



In general, people who buy new music are YOUNG PEOPLE!

WE (I put myself in this group), as far as current music sales, DO NOT MATTER ANYMORE!

And as a guy less than a year from hitting 65, I am okay with that.

Those of us who grew up listening to any of the musical acts listed above by and large have little time to sit around buying let along listening to new music.

Yes, I know there are exceptions, but in general, people my age seem to have (what they consider) other priorities to spend disposable income on (fancy cars, business suits, ED medicine) than the latest music.


While I am still in the broadcasting business, I am no longer a happy, peppy zany music radio disc jockey, so my resource for keeping up with popular new music has faded away, I don’t know who is on what chart in what format anymore, I am a (insert laugh here) SERIOUS news radio person, anything I know now about contemporary music I get from my grandkids, or my handy dandy iHeartRadio app.

(professional plug)

Face it, our time is over, generations (and tastes) change, what we thought was a priority just isn’t anymore.

Example, on occasion, Art Fredette and I have had conversations about radio, how certain radio stations SHOULD be, as opposed to what they really ARE.

Art makes a good point, those of us in the broadcasting industry (those still employed as well as many who were pushed out of the business) are (still) using the mindset that a radio station that is not programmed as a radio station that USED to be massively popular, may think ANYTHING different is bad and doomed to fail.

Go to radioradiox.com and see where they prove that theory wrong.

I bow to you Mister Fredette.

But it’s true, in society, what WAS can’t fit with what IS.

As one grows and matures, one needs to admit youth need their own say, their own voice, their own time.

If you think otherwise, you just become pitiful, out of touch, an antique.

Don’t let THAT happen to you.

Now let me get back to listening to my Walkman and playing my Colecovision game.

Thanks for listening.

Be hearing you!

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