“Around Town With Amy Modesti”: 7th Annual Dustin Mele Memorial Concert Photo Gallery

Written by on March 22, 2020

Were you “Xperienced” at the “7th Annual Dustin Mele Memorial Concert”?

“RadioRadioX” was on location at Revolution Hall as hundreds of guests, musicians, and event organizers took part in the “7th Annual Dustin Mele Memorial Concert”. This event was held in memory of Dustin Mele, the son of Joe Mele and Patti Quade, who committed suicide in 2013. Proceeds from the benefit went towards local organizations, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), National Alliance For Mental Health (NAMA), & Catholic Charities CoNCERNS-U Programs.

This year’s music was based on “The Beatles“. “Across The Pond“, “Soul Sky“, “Super 400“, and a slew of wonderful guest musicians donated their time to perform a beautiful arrangement of tunes arranged by “The Fab 4”. Spectators were singing and dancing along to every tune performed by all who took part in this event.

All photos taken by RadioRadioX Correspondent/ Photojournalist, Amy Modesti

The 7th Annual Dustin Mele Memorial Concert Projection Sign


Mark Emanatian and Joe Mele at Revolution Hall


Dan McCoy at Revolution Hall


Dan McCoy, Joe Mele, Across The Pond


Chris Garabedian


Across The Pond


Ben and Kyle at Revolution Hall


Across The Pond Guitarist


Across The Pond guitarist and vocalist


Across The Pond


People at Dustin Mele Concert


Tim From Across The Pond


Across The Pond pianist


Patrons watching "Across The Pond" perform


"Across The Pond"


The Beatles shirt


Congressman, Paul Tonko


Patti and Lindsay


Lindsay Mele


Patti Quade


People attending concert


Will Foley


NAMA Members


Catholic Charities CoNCERNS-U Member


Josh, Mark, and Jeff


Joe, Josh, Mark


Joe Mele


Jeff Prescott


Mark Emanatian


People attending concert


Heather Meaney and Tom Dolan


Heather Meaney


Erin Harkes


Johnny Rabb


Johnny Rabb with "Soul Sky"


Joe Mele with "Super 400" and Ellie


Joe Mele and Lori Friday


Ellie with Mike and Kenny


"Super 400"


Kenny Hohman


Lori Friday


Mike O'Donnell


Lori Friday and Chris Carey


The Beatles drum head


Brian Scott Bowes


Lori Friday and Brian Scott Bowes


Chris Carey


Joe Daley


Kenny Hohman and Lori Friday


Steve Candlen


Ellie with Jenn and Joe Mele


Matt and Jack Casey

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