Powers Park Rocks!

Written by on July 30, 2020

I remember the day well in 2004, when Troy Deputy Mayor Dan Crawley called me into his office and said, “Dude, let’s get something going up at Powers Park this summer.” Dan was one of the architects of the Brunswick Summer concerts, and wanted to bring something similar to his old stomping grounds in Lansingburgh.

Working with Councilman Mark Wojcik, we put together two August shows for a trial run. We booked Kim Buckley for the first concert, and only drew about 40 people, with the second show (Vehicle), getting rained out. For season two, we did a six week schedule, adding food vendors, and Adirondack Sound Systems into the mix, drawing about 200-300 per show. Needless to say, the response we got from the community was encouraging enough for the city to build us a 20’ x 30’ stage to replace the splinter factory we had. For season three, we planned an eight week schedule; I decided to do our first country show (North 40 Band) to kick things off. It was one of those, ‘Let the games begin’ moments, with almost 1,000 hard core country fans filling the park. From there on in, it was off to the races with the series.

As its popularity grew, radio stations began approaching me to become involved as media sponsors, and the concerts then became a happening of sorts, due to the radio reach with the advertising. Keeping with the original plan to showcase the incredible talent within the 518, some of the top area acts were brought in, and the crowds just kept getting bigger and bigger. Groups like the Refrigerators, Skeeter Creek, Vehicle, and Emerald City brought in folks from Western Massachusetts, Southern Vermont, NYC, and Western NY, with park favorites Renee’ Lussier, and Al Bruno always bringing a solid crowd of their enthusiastic fans yearly. Being we had an ever growing waiting list of excellent bands trying to get the opportunity to perform at the venue, the decision was made two years ago to get some new blood into the series. Since then, 14 of the 16 bands booked, had never played the series. Happily, the crowds have given us a positive response to the new direction we’ve taken.

I’m extremely excited to now have RadioradioX.com on the team as the official media sponsor for the event. Radio coverage is such an important part of getting the word out, and nobody does it better than we do at the X. Being we’re now playing up to 30 hours per week of 518 music, teaming up with the concert series was a no brainer. To keep everyone safe at the shows, we ask that you bring a mask for when you’re walking around the venue to the food vendors, or bathrooms. You are not required to wear one when sitting at your seat or standing in your own space, providing you are social distancing. Hand sanitizer will be made available, and we encourage the use of it. These rules will be enforced, as we’re not looking to get shut down in the middle of the season. Those who do not comply will be asked to leave.

So join us from August 1, through September 12, for a rock solid lineup with some of the top entertainers from the local music scene. Most importantly, for up-to-date information on the series, listen to the official radio sponsor for the 17th season of the Powers Park Concert Series, Radioradiox.com – playing #MusicThatMatters.

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