Marty Keary: From a Friend

Written by on December 28, 2020

If you’re on social media, you’ve seen your share of inspirational messages. And you may be of a sort that scoffs at them, maybe thinking they’re generic or commercial. That’s usually until you’re having a trouble or two, and then that one message that flashes across your screen ends up just ‘clicking’ for you. That’s how inspiration works.

Marty Keary is a writer with an inspiring message, though he’s not necessarily shooting it out in meme form. His book, Words from a Friend, a Daily Guide to a Purposeful Life, is out now wherever books are sold.

I sit down with Marty and we talk about cyberpunk nihilism.

RRX: You’ve just written a book, Words from a Friend, a Daily Guide to a Purposeful Life. There is a great interest in inspirational, or “self-help” books these days, and it’s a big market. So we’re in a bookstore and you’re pitching me your book. What do you tell me about it that can’t be said about the others?

MK: Words from a Friend, a Daily Guide to a Purposeful Life is a mindfulness book. There are 365 daily messages on a myriad of different life subjects and how our higher energy and mindset can attract to us a more beautiful, meaningful and purposeful human journey. At the end of each daily message there is a call to action that invites the reader to infuse the wisdom into their day. At the end of this year of mindful daily practice, we will have raised our awareness of self, others and how our connections and relationships are the true gold we seek, especially the one with ourselves. It’s a book about the power of Love and that we not only possess this healing vibration, we are it. Words from a Friend is a catalyst to shifting your mindset from ego to light, from misperception and chaos, to inner peace and the ability to expand beyond limited perception.

RRX: In writing fiction, and probably non-fiction, there’s two types of people: “plotters” to write out an outline first, and “pantsers” who write by the seat of their pants. In writing Words from a Friend, which one were you? Did you have to organize the points ahead of time, or did it just flow?

MK: My writing career came out of a dark and desperate place I was in in my life. I’d suffered from anxiety most of my life which one year led to an ugly depression. A place I’d never been before. One morning I woke up in the usual awful state of worry and fear when a voice in my head said to sit down and write. Write what you know to be true. I had been studying personal development, positive thought, spiritual practice and the power of Love from over one hundred of the greatest teachers on the subject as a result of wanting to help myself manage the anxiety over many years when this depression hit me. So I decided to listen to this voice and simply write back to myself what I believed about myself in the eyes of Love. The very first day I wrote bullet points as affirmations which helped. The second day I began to write from my heart and the pen never stopped. It became automatic once I picked a subject. It was as if a valve was opened and all of what I had practiced to that point in my life spilled out into words that were actually helping me. Writing became a daily healing practice for me. Soon it became my number one healing activity. These words brought me up and out of the hypnosis and immobilized state of fear, into my heart where I could rest and recoup my soul. It was as if I was pushed off a cliff and found my wings in flight.

I decided to share just one of my messages on Facebook. That was 2014. I remember being very apprehensive about hitting the post button on that day. The same voice that told me to write was the same one telling me to hit post, so I did. Over the next couple days I received quite a great reception and realized just how many others smile on the outside but are anxious and depressed on the inside. From this point I had no reservations about writing what had helped me so much. I wrote for two years every day and began to feel as if there was somebody in particular that needed to hear these messages and that made me feel good to keep sharing them. One day I received a friend request from my wife’s boyfriend before my wife and I met at age 19. It was strange to get a request from him because as I recall he and I did not like each other lol. So I dismissed the request, lol. But two weeks passed and he sent another request. At this point I look up and say to myself, “you’re trying to tell me something here”, and I accepted the friend request.

About another week passed and he reached out to me privately and changed my life. He said, “Hey Marty, I’ve been reading your inspirational posts and I love them, so does my wife. She is the president of a three woman publishing team here in Ohio and she said she’d love to publish your book.” I said, “Book??!!” What book? He said she thinks there’s a fantastic book to be put together from these daily messages and could you please send her a manuscript. I told him the best I had were two years of Facebook posts. He said print and send them. A year later, with amazing help, guidance and friendship, Words from a Friend became a book. The one guy who I would never have imagined to help me up and forward in a beautiful new path, was once considered an enemy. Another lesson of the light was delivered that day. He even drove me the first copy from Ohio to Troy to hand deliver it. There’s great energy in and around the creation. Of this book. It has helped many and I hope it helps so many more come into their own power and personal greatness.

RRX: Some people think that life has no purpose, that the universe is cold and indifferent. And even other people agree with that statement, yet I think that the universe being that way is an invitation to create our own purpose or meaning. So what’s the line between finding a purpose and finding a purpose that encourages betterment?

MK: Giving is the greatest gift we give to ourselves. If we have the mindset that usually says stuff like, ‘the world owes me’, ‘I’m a victim’, ‘I’m not good enough, smart enough, strong enough’ or any other low vibe thinking, we sabotage ourselves and we begin to believe this fearful thought pattern until it becomes us. Now, in the giving mindset, we move to self-love and giving that higher vibe away as our message to the world. In doing so, we activate our inner power and purpose. We find what makes us tick in this space and we learn to bring our best forth and serve with a new found energy and aliveness. The world isn’t great at teaching the language of love, so we must take it on and infuse it into our thoughts, words and actions. From here we’ve moved up the energy ladder within and we discover that we don’t only have one purpose, but many. Each one will be a gift if we put our love into it, for us and for the receiver. Love is a circle. Give it and watch what happens to your life.

RRX: You’re involved in Troy Grit, which is a brand that exemplifies the history of Troy. It speaks to a generational feeling of rough self-reliance that has carried the city from its origins in 1789 through soaring heights, progress, destruction, and blight to the unique gem it is today. What are your plans with Troy Grit?

MK: Troy Grit came as a result of COVID making me watch more movies than usual. I was watching old westerns and I came across True Grit with John Wayne. It’s a classic if you’ve never seen it. They also had a remake a few years ago with Jeff Bridges which was great too. I had just been talking to an old friend about how much fun we had growing up in Troy and how Troy is known for really great people who have this certain tough ingredient about them. So while I’m watching the movie, I recalled our earlier conversation and with a chuckle, I spit out, “that’s it!” “They should call it Troy Grit!” Grit was the ingredient we tried to explain. At that point I pictured Uncle Sam in the gritty western hat and coat that John Wayne wore in the movie poster. I pitched the idea to my partners Jim Pettit and Gene Coletti the next day. We all thought it would make a great t-shirt and give Troy the boost it needs after such a crappy year for all of us. We, as the Old Daley family have been in business in Troy for 45 years this year. We wanted to celebrate and give Troy some love. Our vision is already expanding into other cool items we think everyone will love to give and receive. We’re also in great discussions with other Troy business people on collaboration and inclusion of the brand with their own. It’s been a fantastic reception by our community and we will be giving back in many great ways as we expand. Our motto is friendship above politics, community over competition. We’re a brand that wants the best for all. We love to inspire and help the growth of good things. This above all takes the most Grit.

RRX: I was just commenting with a friend on the history, not just of Troy, but of our whole Capital Region, and what effect that should be having on our creative potential. The settlements here, in their various incarnations, are around four hundred years old. What do you think the creative community should draw from that?

MK: Creativity to me is everything. We are all creators and artists here to express. Each of us has been given the gift of imagination. We also are made up of positive and negative energy which is ours to harness and create with. When we choose to paint intentionally, we begin to steer our destiny rather than unconsciously give that job to the outer world. We must become self-aware and learn to let go of what stifles the good stuff from painting our personal world and a brighter world as a whole. We are all connected by the very creative energy that created us. We are each a cup of this divine ocean, it is in this place that we collaborate rather than compete. Love rather than hate. Thrive rather than strive. Love is the force of the most beautiful creations. Use it as if it were the only brush you own. Start with self. Paint outward.

RRX: Right now, we’re all going through a historical time. We’re having to face something we haven’t faced in a hundred years, and it was deadly then. We’re asked to make huge changes, even bigger sacrifices, to protect people we may not even know. How do we get people to find purpose in these changes and sacrifices?

MK: Love is who we are. We never sacrifice when we’re considering others, helping them off the ledge of fear and leading with what’s best for all. Within every darkness there are diamonds of wisdom and growth to be found. Always look inside to find out where we may need to upgrade old worn out beliefs, stories and convenient excuses that need to be released. Life is a school for our soul and we rise by moving forward in our light and spread it whenever possible. The lessons from COVID all bring us back to the same conclusion that more love is needed, not less. Give your best for a better world.

RRX: This is where you answer the question I didn’t ask. Educate, enlighten, emote – the floor is yours.

MK: My hope is that this next year will be brighter than the last, more beautiful because we’re exhausted with the ugly, and that we all realize that family and friendship reign supreme over fear and separation. Much gratitude and love to you all from Daley Hospitality, Troy Grit, Cookie Therapy and Focusmaster Fitness. We do our best to give you the very best. Thank you!


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