Sassy Says: Top Fashions of 2021

Written by on December 28, 2020

I don’t know about any of you, but I find it a little hard to talk about fashion trends right now. I’ll be honest, I haven’t switched out my summer clothes for winter yet this year because I barely switched them out last year. My closet doesn’t need to be yelling “tres chic!” when your daily fashion choices barely venture outside of a pair of leggings and a VS sweatshirt. Oh, and don’t forget the slippers…complete with pompoms.

Whether our daily routine includes things that are hot & trendy or not right now, the fashion world is going to tell you what you need to wear in 2021 to look in style. Their hope is that you will flip your closet and turn it into a full blown issue of Vogue. This year? Many of us just might! But if that seems like the only logical way for you to rid yourself of the 2020 blues, more power to you. Do it safely, tastefully and financially responsibly. But make sure you check what’s hot in fashion before you empty your growler of loose change. Here’s a list of what’s hot for women & men according to things to watch for in the coming months, thanks to and

A Good Trench – When we break it down, the question is simple: what do we want to wear right now? With this weather, the answer is simple—a coat! A traditional fall-back trench coat is both basic as well as far from basic! Watch for interesting lapels, stylish slits, peplum bottoms, accent buttons and bold sleeves. This simple jacket can actually be a huge statement piece. Another plus? It also works for both men and women. Just pick your under clothing accordingly. In fact, just pick SOME clothing.

Button Down, XXL Shirt – Ladies will love this fad. You know how we love to walk around the house wearing nothing but our husband’s dress shirt and a pair of comfy socks, drinking a cup of our favorite hot beverage? Me either, but it makes for a hell of a coffee commercial. This year that baggy shirt is going to be to all the thing, matched with everything from jeans to flowy skirts and more. What makes this trend unique is that the tops will be designed for women but sized for a man. Casual baggy yet still chic.

Patterns for All – Even with the year long shit-show we’ve had to deal with, it was obvious that animal prints (especially leopard) were extremely hot in women’s fashions and accessories all year long. What is kind of funny is that what is long gone for females is now is the hot Spring trend for men. Watch for pants & dress shirts as well as watchbands & accessories when shopping for the guy in your life with safari-animal styles and colors in mind. But if animal prints are out for women, what’s is in now? The gardens, my dears! Bold, bright and loud garden florals are the styles that will grace stores soon. The key word is impact. From daily casuals to red carpet couture, you will find bright, bold and neon floral prints and the accessories to match. And the color selections of these prints will amaze us all.

Khaki, Khaki, Khaki – Ah, tan… it’s not just for the beach any more. Adding different shades of khaki to your wardrobe can give any outdated closet the boost it deserves. What’s great is this works for anyone. Don’t hesitate to pair up a black top and dress jacket with a pair of formal khaki pants to give you a super crisp look without it coming across as off-putting. Women can even add sequined scarves, shrugs, denim, or even a retro graphic tee with their khaki’s to look sharp yet casual OR even professional. There are endless shades so don’t limit yourself to just one.

Live and Let Tie-Dye – All my hippie friends unite! I have to say, I had already jumped on this bandwagon before it even left the building. It started with a gift card, a free shipping code and a love for a special edition pair of Chuck Taylor tie-dyed sneakers. I had to process if these sneakers were really my style. Well, they must be because I think I’ve worn them every day since they arrived. Whether you want to try your skill at making some dyed fashions yourself or if you’d prefer to let the professionals handle it, it doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the art. Including maxi-dresses, sweats, denim, and yes… masks… tie dye is here and we couldn’t be happier. I’m sure Jerry G would “highly” approve.

The next season will soon be upon us and whether we like it or not, fashions they are a ‘changing. But if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that comfort and individuality are VERY important to us. When it comes to the future of fashion, I think the jury is still out on a lot of things. Like bras.

Maybe pants in general. And slippers should definitely be approved footwear for work. Whether we like what’s new and trendy or not, it’s going to happen anyways. So pick the things you would like to add to your closet, then rock them like no one else. Make the looks your own.

Individuality is definitely taking the reins. Just like the iconic Coco Channel would say, “Fashion changes, but style endures.”

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