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Written by on March 2, 2021

A couple issues back I did a “Hail and Farewell” to WGY’s Chuck Custer, upon retiring after thirty-six-years with the company.
Bye Chuck, and hi Doug Goudie, who partners with Kelly Lynch on News Radio 810/103.21 WGY.
Doug’s not Chuck, Chuck’s not Doug, Kelly is Kelly. I suggest you give them a try.
The partnership of radio co-hosts doesn’t succeed every time, it takes patience, trust, the comfort the other person has your back.
There are times, however, when if at first you don’t succeed, fire the weak one and bring in another patsy.
Many of us know Bob Mason and Bill Sheehan…
What about Bob Mason and Cliff Nash?
How many Morning Show changes at WGNA?
And don’t get me started on the revolving wheel at FLY 92. Of course, I’m jaded and think things went downhill after the end of Todd Pettengill and the Wake-Up Service.
Let me share the number of “co-hosts” I’ve had over the years, most times I was lucky.
The first (and you never forget your first right) was (and still is) Roger Price. I was working nights at what was called a “Full Service” radio station (i.e. not a clue what the format is) in Mansfield, Ohio. Roger became my partner in crime for two hours every Thursday night doing a trivia show (we’re both major geeks). I knew Roger from our previous station, as Roger says we REALLY are “brothers from a different mother.” In time we both moved on but stayed in touch for decades, saw him a couple years ago for my 40th college homecoming, this past year he strengthened our friendship with his support after my heart attack and bypass procedure.
My next “official” co-host was in (I think) 2004-2005 in Pittsfield, MA.
Her name was Sharon Steele, who worked for the company before, and was very popular.
Not to be insulting but Sharon had a “rough” personality, and a potty mouth. A steady stream of F-Bombs was quite normal, she was also playing the dominant one, if she didn’t like you, you knew immediately.
In other words, I was in love, she could have been my wife.
Joking, I was married, as was she, with a child on the way.
So, the time came for Sharon to go on maternity leave.
After a week, on a Friday morning, the boss called us together with horrible news.
There was an emergency with Sharon at the hospital, she died. So did the unborn child.
Sharon Brophy-Forst, aka Sharon Steele, was only 38.
That was Friday, over the weekend we decided to start the morning show with the announcement of her death, I was joined by Sharon’s best friend Dee Myers Scace, we shared stories and took phone calls
It was the most difficult show I ever had to do and have since done in my career.
After a while I was given a couple more co-hosts to work with in Pittsfield. The first a lovely girl named Kelly (Kellie? Kell-E?) I just call her useless, I could say more but I don’t want to risk lawsuits.
Briefly afterward I worked with a very talented woman named Jess Lesure, our time together didn’t last long, I was being forced, I mean it was suggested I go solo in the afternoons, so we brought in young buck and hot stud Bob Heck (extremely talented on his own), both had great success in Pittsfield, they clicked, made me proud.
My last “official” co-host, Kate Sullivan, we were doing the County thing in the Glens Falls/Queensbury area.
We worked just over two years, she reminded me SO much of Sharon, she had that same roughness but great caring for the community, she was also a local AND a Hillbilly woman.
Love the girl but she scared me, piss her off and it’s a solo Morning Show, and NOT hosted by me.
Things ended in 2010 after I two crashes on the Northway. If I could still deal with the live in Schenectady round trip to Queensbury routine five days a week I might have been there still.
Before I leave, plugs for two talented women at my current employer, Diane Donato and Rachel Davis, on occasion I’ve shared the microphone with each, and being a News Talk station, we can’t fall back on music. I’d work with them at the drop of a hat.
Reminder, check out Doug and Kelly!
Be hearing you.

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