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Observations and Ramblings – a Column by Jeff Spaulding. Freshman Year at an Ohio college.  Thanksgiving Break got me on a train headed East, to Schenectady. Great time had. Family, friends, got hammered, got laid, still all a haze. The ride back, major snowstorm, no trains, Thruway closed. Only option a plane, but at 18 […]

Observations and Ramblings – Jeff Spaulding. In your life, have you ever felt alone, ever been picked on, ever been laughed at. Did you ever want to give a “two finger salute” to the world and shout “Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother? It could be for various reasons. You like Nickelback. You keep adding […]

Observations and Ramblings. Confession time. I am a Geek, a Dork, a hopeless Fan Boy, and if my parents were still alive, I’d still be living in their basement. To quote The Shat, I’ve been told that I need to “Get a Life.” Aside from music, not too cookie cutter and vanilla, and radio, when […]

Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy. I’m a little different than most cranky old guys. Overall, I embrace technology. As a broadcaster, former broadcaster, check that; once a broadcaster always a broadcaster. That’s like once an asshole, well you get the point. As a broadcaster I absolutely HAD to keep up with tech […]

Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy. As you read the title, there may be a couple of questions you are asking: I thought he retired. I thought he quit. I thought he died. Well, one and two are partially true. As for three, that’s a pretty damn good trick if it was true, […]

This is a “very special” edition, my last, for now. As Sean Connery once said, “never say never”. I’ve retired after 46 years in broadcasting, half of that so-called “career” in the Capital District/Region (which phrase depends on your age, hell I still call it the Knickerbocker Arena). This is most likely not the last […]

Let’s talk about music, I have experience well beyond my years, or perhaps well before my years. When you consider my years as a so called “air personality” (“woke” for “DJ”), up until the last 12 years as a News Guy, if it was a hit, OR a stiff, if I didn’t play it on […]

When one gets older (not just crankier but it doesn’t hurt), one has tasks put upon them that one would never think would ever happen. For example, as the eldest living member of the family, it’s fairly normal to be in charge of attending to a deceased relative’s final needs. To make sure their wishes […]

If you are reading this and you are under 65, God bless you and all you stand for. If you are 65 plus, you will appreciate this, and perhaps you have experienced something similar. You know how they call the times of being a senior citizen “The Golden Years”? I’m going to add two words, […]

Recently, I accomplished one of my bucket list items, a list far from complete but worth checking off. Still on that list, staying in broadcasting to age 71, making fifty years in the business, the Good Lord Willing and I don’t lose my job or die…that looks good so far. I also want one more […]

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