Live from your Living Room

Written by on April 29, 2021

100-inch screen tv’s… booming surround sound systems…

Even before the pandemic started, people have been abandoning live concerts and avoiding DWI’S for the comfort of their living rooms or patio decks and the rise of live streaming. Modern technology has really made a difference in the way we can view and listen to our favorite artists now without leaving our homes. Of course, with the popularity of Uber and other ride share companies, it has made things easier for those that did want to go out and have a good time without worrying about getting pulled over etc.

Live events have been taking a hit for a long time now, but with the pandemic seeming to change life as we know it, and live streams making it easier for bands to reach more fans, generate more money and not have to travel, what does this mean for the future of live shows?
The younger crowds will always want to see a live show, interact with the bands, crowd surf or start a pit, BUT if that’s not going to be a part of shows for a long time, will that put a damper on even the young fans showing up? Is live streaming the new way to experience your favorite band or is it just a phase until everything opens up 100 percent?

Only Time will tell, but I do feel, as a musician myself, that certain genres have found a much easier way to keep their fan base while till making a living. Nothing will ever beat a live show but a live show in the comfort of your own home doesn’t sound too bad either…

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