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Written by on January 7, 2022

We don’t cover sports. This is not a declarative statement. We should cover sports in some way, maybe not the box scores, but sports and art are interlinked, and you can’t really say ‘culture’ without a nod to some healthy competition. So, we have to recognizes sports as the product of kinematic art that it is, and welcome some figures in our own way.

Tom “Goz” Goslowski is a true sportsman. Baseball, basketball, football, and now, media empires. He’s recently created a business media platform called Gozilla media, and it is competing on a field with few equals.

We sit down with Goz and talk about triple-doubles.

RRX: You cover sports because you love sports. And it isn’t just a set of rules and a miles-long list of rankings and standings; it’s about the feeling you get when you see your team’s colors and the personal loss you feel at an injury. You must be objective and at the same time subjective to tap the love. Can you think of times they’ve conflicted?

TG: Yes, and it is the connections you build with coaches, athletes, parents and more. You get to know these people not just as the competitors that they are, but as the passionate people that are driven by success. The times I am the most conflicted are when I am no longer rooting for the teams I grew up cheering for but instead rooting for the people I have built relationships with to win. That is tough. Putting your personal relationships aside and still doing your job. 

RRX: You’ve been Albany’s vote for the Heisman, as well as a bunch of other awards in sports. And again, you have to decide if you’re voting for the best athlete or your favorite, and that’s gotta be tough. When you have to pick from a group of competitors, is there something hidden you look for that might be in someone you favor?

TG: That’s the great part of 2022. You can find information to help build your case for voting for certain athletes for end of season accolades. Many media members go with “the eye test”, a player just “is really good”.  That was almost the old school way of voting and those hidden things media members looked for in the past. Luckily, the laziness of those takes is disappearing, and I know the end of season awards winners of the past decade have been the most deserving of them yearly in sports history (I’m sure some fans would disagree). 

RRX: You’ve covered some of the biggest events in sports, like the NCAA Tournament, the NBA and NFL Drafts, and the Travers Stakes. When you have to cover any sporting event, I can only guess at the things you have to have on your back burner that the average listener wouldn’t think about. What are some secrets from behind the mic?

TG: Sharing those stories is my favorite part of my job! Some television anchors or local writers may never get a platform to share those stories. I am fortunate enough that on my podcasts, videos, social media platforms I can share those unique experiences and moments. Anyone can read a box score. Being able to share the moments behind the mic has been the most rewarding part of my career. But because I like you, I’ll share a sports media member secret…. shhh!!! Here it is: The broadcasters do not hate your team. Almost every media member has the same goal covering live events. The game goes fast. The game is exciting. You get your work done and you get home safe. That’s the dirty secret. 

RRX: You played football in offense and defense in college football before suffering an injury. When you cover sports, injuries on the field or the court have to hit you in your heart as something more than just a happening in the game. Have you ever followed any one particular injury because it hit close to home?

TG: I truly try to avoid it. I suffered a torn labrum in college and that type of injury eventually ended the careers of NFL players like Andrew Luck, Mark Sanchez and almost Drew Brees. The issue with using too much of my personal experience is I don’t know the medical terms/diagnosis behind each athlete’s injury. Each athlete’s body is going to respond differently to surgery, physical therapy, and eventually physical contact. Sadly, the injuries to athletes are not like a video game and they just go away the next season you play on PlayStation. The injury is a part of you for the rest of your life.  That is tough for especially young athletes to understand. 

RRX: Let’s talk Gozilla Media. It’s a multimedia business platform out of Albany. Sports is big, but it’s not every part of Gozilla. You partner with other businesses and other organizations, using the platform you’ve developed to help them meet their goals and get their messages out there. So, can you tell us a little bit about the platform?

TG: I like to say Gozilla Media is Your Message. Your story. Your way. The biggest frustration I had with traditional media is the change that has happened since the mid-2000s. If you ask anyone I have worked with that had more experience than me in the field, I would constantly ask them about the past. Why did you want to do this as a job? Why did this segment work? Why did listeners respond to musicians/artists in that way? Those conversations became the inspiration for launching one of the podcasts I host called Getting There with Goz, where we discuss those stories (Art Fredette appeared on a recent episode to discuss the history of RadioRadioX). 

The best way to summarize much of their feedback I would hear from them is that fifteen years ago your bosses in traditional media (radio, television, newspaper) wanted you to “be you.” They hired you for that reason. Be entertaining and the audience will respond to you. What traditional media bosses want in 2022 now is, “We would prefer this version of you better”. In other words, do not be completely honest, transparent, opinionated, or controversial. Anytime anyone ever gets offended about anything you will hear something from your bosses even if you were right about it. Sadly, that’s the future of traditional media. I cannot believe I am about to use a Kid Rock quote, but it really sums up why people are embracing Gozilla Media/nontraditional media companies and leaving the old ones behind: “If it looks good, you’ll see it. If it sounds good, you’ll hear it. If it’s marketed right, you’ll buy it. But… if it’s real… you’ll feel it.” 

RRX: And maybe saving the best for last: the shows. We’re talking about Levack and Goz, Getting There with Goz, Goz and close to 20 other shows aside from your own. Looking at this, the platform you spoke about does start to take form. If someone, say, me, wanted to start a show, what could we expect, in terms of know-how and equipment?

TG: Just like a sports coach I’m recruiting some new shows/personalities to join Gozilla Media in 2022. Those coaches cannot just give out the playbook to anyone! Just kidding but if you are interested in launching your own show and joining the Gozilla Media network, email me I’ll be more than happy to share more details. 

RRX: This is where you answer the question I didn’t ask. Speak of anything. Educate, enlighten, emote – the floor is yours.

TG: Lickety Split’s verse was better than B-Rabbit’s in 8 Mile. Bill Murray should have won an Oscar for playing himself in Space Jam. Terrible coaching job by Coach Boone for not replacing Alan Bosley earlier in the season in Remember the Titans. Season 3 of Floribama Shore is art. 

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