Dancing around the Grave with Andy Frasco -Interview By: Jetta Intelisano

Written by on May 25, 2022

I was able to catch up with the extremely talented Andy Frasco & the UN and was able to get a little insight into their world.  They are coming off their latest album, “Wash Rinse Repeat” that has been getting some major traction and recognition in the music world. It is well deserved in my opinion after fifteen years of trudging the road of happy destiny. Here is what Andy had to say:

 (RRX) 1. In the new album, Wash, Rinse, Repeat, there seems to be a “change of pace” from some of the previous albums, what was the motivation behind it, if any?

(AF) I like what you did there. Lol. Ya this was the first record I made on my own without the band. It was hard to get us all together because we all don’t live in the same town anymore and Covid kinda screwed up our plans. So, I jumped on the horse and started writing songs in towns I was visiting like Nashville, Charleston and Los Angeles with the songwriters who were in town. It was an amazing experience for me and gave me the confidence that I’m getting better at my craft. 

(RRX) 2. Do you have a favorite song or songs from this album? If so, what are they and why? (Dancing around the Grave, Puff Break for me are a couple)

(AF) This whole record means so much to me because this was the first time I had been alone in my house for a couple years, just me and my brain overthinking everything I’ve done the last 15 years. This record helped me connect the dots on what’s important to me in my life. The songs that mean a lot to me are Work, Work, Work, Dancing around my grave, & dream.

(RRX) 3. In your time as a music executive did you always aspire to become a touring musician?

(AF) I always wanted to be on stage, ever since I was in 5th grade. I was just insecure when I was kid, to actually do it, because all my musician friends kept making fun of me. So, I just settled with a manager roll. I finally told them all to fuck-off and didn’t stop until I was good enough to be up there.

(RRX) 4. When entering the music scene as an artist, were there any moments that were really challenging, if so, how did you overcome those challenges?

(AF) I think the toughest part of following a dream is leaving what is comfortable and going into the unknown. We would drive 8 hours a day infor 10+ years straight just to make 200 bucks a night and to sleep on the venue or bartender’s floor just to make it to the next night. My liver hated me, my brain started going again and I couldn’t afford my bills, but I was happy because I was trying for my dreams.

(RRX) 5. In this new tour is there any area you’re especially pumped to hit, or any areas you have not been to that you are looking forward to?

(AF) I can’t wait to go back to Europe again. It’s been 3 years since I’ve seen my friends out there. I miss them

(RRX) 6. For many artists they use their music to express emotion, share experience, to spread a message to the world, or a combination of those and many others, where would you say Andy Frasco and the UN fit in, in regards to that?

(AF) I hope our music gives you an excuse to be easier on yourself. 

(RRX) 7. So, what is next for the band? Are there any upcoming milestones, or anything exciting the band wants to share with the fans?

(AF) We’re in 22 festivals this summer and about to announce a 3 month fall tour. We’re ready to fucking rock!

Thanks so much to Andy Frasco and the UN for a great show at Putnam Place and for sharing your perspective with me. I look forward to the next evolution.

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