Kudos! Bravo and Well Done! Mirth Film’s Wild in the Trees Music and Skate Festival -Recap By: Rob Smittix

Written by on October 3, 2022

I (Rob Smittix) didn’t know what to expect as I ventured up the Adirondack Northway with the Lake George Skate Plaza in my GPS, early Saturday (10/01) afternoon. When I arrived cars were parked all the way to the main drag. I followed a few skateboarders that led me directly to my destination Mirth Film’s Wild in the Trees Music and Skate Festival, I have arrived. I have very much been looking forward to this and it was finally time.

First to get a lay of the land, I vanished into the crowd checking out vendors, food and of course the beer tent. IPA’s have taken the world by storm but I managed to get my paws on an IPL, that’s an India Pale Lager. What will they think of next? I do remember early on telling Frankie that I shouldn’t have such a buzz already. So I made a smart move not to skate. I would’ve been taken away to the nearest hospital for several broken bones, without a doubt. But I did indeed bring a skateboard and I used it for a portable seat more than anything.

The music was great and it made a perfect soundtrack for the skaters. I’m not going bore you with the type of review that focuses on the pounding of the drums and how the melodies magically floated into the ears of listeners. That’s exactly how it happened but you really should have been there to experience the joy. Here was the line-up: Annie in the Water, Glass Pony, Neon Avenue, El Modernist, The Sugar Hold, The Hauntings and The Skunches. All of the bands delivered and I was thoroughly impressed.

When night fell on Saturday the vibe was that of excitement and accomplishment. Frankie and Mirth Films had pulled it off and successfully. We set up camp, listened to music and even observed some late night skating. Then I became a wizard and we climbed on the now dark stage to bless it with our smokey inspiration. It was chilly but not unbearable, I was in my own world and at one point I became one with the battlefield that we are partying on. I could’ve sworn I saw the ghost of a soldier peering into Frankie’s tent with a perverse look on his face. It was a very spiritual and no lie I witnessed not one but two UFOs in the sky. Then I needed Frankie to help me find my car where I would sleep for the night.

When I awoke Sunday (10/02) morning I was very much looking forward to the second day of music and skating but I knew I needed breakfast first and foremost. I stumbled my way onto the main drag in Lake George and like an oasis in the desert I saw a glistening diner in the distance. Prospect Mountain Diner is where I indulged in coffee, eggs benedict and home-fries. I made my way back to the festival feeling like a was ready to take on the day. The diner coffee was as good as diner coffee can be but Upstate coffee was set up on location at the festival and I decided that today caffeine would prevail over alcohol.

Music and skate competitions simultaneously worked together to entertain the crowd. We (RadioRadioX/Xperience) are very proud of our friend Frankie Cavone and his Mirth Films team for putting this successful event together. We had a blast and we were proud to have been a participating sponsor of the first annual Wild in the Trees Music and Skate Festival. I can see this festival taking off in a big way for years to come and let’s not forget that this event raised a good amount of money for The Ronald McDonald House.

Kudos! Bravo and well done!

-Rob Smittix (The Wizard)

Additional Photography By: Tim Reidy

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