Jim Barrett’s Favorite 16 Groups From The First British Invasion

Written by on October 28, 2022

1). The Beatles: King of the Hill

2). The Kinks: Most Underrated Ever

3): The Who: Sonic Earthquake

4): The Rolling Stones: Raw and Exciting Outlaws

5): The Animals: Hard British Blues (Eric Burdon was Awesome!)

6). The Zombies: A Touch of Jazz Pop

7): Searchers: Precursor to The Byrds/Harmony Stars

8): Manfred Mann: Jazzer who Played Rock & Pop

9): DC5 (The Dave Clark Five): Power Pop with a Unique Sound/Sax/Drums

10): The Hollies: As Close to The Beatles as it Possible

11): Gerry & the Pacemakers: Killer Ballads

12): Them: Fresh Crushing Blues

13): The Yardbirds: Most Innovative of the Era

14): The Troggs: Fun with an Occasional Killer Single

15): The Pretty Things: First Rock Opera/Stones Off-Shoot

16): The Spencer Davis Group: Young Steve Winwood/R&B Monster

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