Jim Barrett

1). The Beatles: King of the Hill 2). The Kinks: Most Underrated Ever 3): The Who: Sonic Earthquake 4): The Rolling Stones: Raw and Exciting Outlaws 5): The Animals: Hard British Blues (Eric Burdon was Awesome!) 6). The Zombies: A Touch of Jazz Pop 7): Searchers: Precursor to The Byrds/Harmony Stars 8): Manfred Mann: Jazzer […]

Grab a pile of CDs and stack ’em up. Pick out an opener that would appeal to anyone and leave a good taste in their mouth. Early in the first set you’re trying to get their attention with something catchy, usually not too bizarre. Perhaps a set of The Byrds, three or four tracks might […]

As a lifetime music junkie I pretty much love almost any style of music. However, there are somethings about the way it is is presented sometimes that drives me insane! Here are some examples: 1). Being at a wedding and hearing “just take those old records off the shelf,” this makes me want to piss […]

1). Newen Afrobeat: Astounding group from Chile that play Fela Kuti style Afrobeat! It’s unbelievable. I’ve ordered stuff for upcoming shows! 2). Elvis Presley (The Sun Sessions): Pure unadulterated Rock N Roll from a very young Elvis. Primitive performances from Elvis, Scotty & Bill. Produced of course by the inimitable Sam Phillips at Sun Studios. […]

They say hard work pays off. They also say say you have to believe in what you’re doing if you want to be successful in an original rock n roll band. Success on your own terms is the key to having fun in a band and knowing what you are capable of. The Playin’ With […]

Todd Nelson the guitarist for the legendary Units/Fear of Strangers has had an interesting solo career since their break up. Todd has recorded some unique music but nothing he has done has prepared me for this release! It’s called “Nevertheless” and his new moniker is NEQ with Kyle Esposito on bass and Manuel Quintana on […]

In my late teens I spent a lot of time on “The strip” in Troy. Around 65′ to 67′ there were over 20 great places for bands to play. No one was looking for trouble, just out to blow off steam and have fun. I was in a band and loving every minute of it. […]

  One of America’s finest singer/songwriters has been right here in our backyard for as long as I can remember. I’m talking about Jim Gaudet. Jim writes amazing tunes and has put together a killer live band, The Railroad Boys. Their latest effort, When It Rains, is a rich tapestry of traditional folk, bluegrass, and […]

Dear Santa, Here is my Christmas list. I’d like The Figgs to open a show at SPAC. They are one of America’s best bands and hail from Saratoga. Not to mention it just makes good business sense. Put Super 400 in the Eddie’s Hall of Fame. Incredible songs, musicianship and devotion to the musical community. […]

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