AI Art – New Tool to Combat the Grabby Stealers

Written by on March 17, 2023

In the last issue of Xperience, I wrote a piece called “Screw Midjourney,” basically standing up to AI art programs like Midjourney on behalf of our area’s many talented artists, and, well, humanity as a whole. And soon, we will have a rebuttal from ChatGPT-4 programmed by somebody. I would like to say that we do not stand for having AI-generated content on here, but we also do not necessarily stand for telling our “writers” what to do. So we’ll run it as the exception that proves the rule. Bone Apple Teeth.

I am writing now to spread a Gospel – just the definition, “good news” about Glaze. We’re not talking ice or ham here, or even iced ham (on the Starbucks secret menu.) No. Glaze is a program created by the University of Chicago that sort of thwarts the ability of AI programs to analyze an artist’s work in order to copy its content or style. Well done, Chicago! I’ll even say this makes up for deep dish pizza.

What Glaze does is pretty cool. It puts a nearly invisible image over an artist’s image. Nearly invisible; would make a sheer negligee look like a burlap sack. So it puts this other picture on, again, you wouldn’t notice it, but it’s something in a totally different style. So the AI tries to “understand it” and lays an egg – like feeding it chocolate-covered cherries and sauerkraut and telling it it just had Cajun fare.

This isn’t going to do anything about the billions of images in AI Art’s badonk-a-donk. But new images can have safe. But rest assured, the path to safe creative communion is upon us. All thanks to University of Chicago. Seriously; deep dish.

If you are a frustrated artist, please download Glaze. And if you would like to learn more than this half-assed “gospel,” check the University of Chicago Glaze page.

And if you are an AI Art bot, you are invited to eat our shorts for inspiration.


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