Heads Up: Ringo Starr Releasing New EP in October (With a Little Help From His Friend.)

Written by on August 23, 2023

The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has announced a new EP coming out on October 13th called ‘Rewind Forward.’ Special treat is the song ‘Feeling The Sunlight,’ a team up with Starr and former bandmate Paul McCartney. Starr, 83, and McCartney, 81, are proof that rock and roll is ageless.

The EP is comprised of 4 songs, which are as follows:

* Shadows On The Wall
* Feeling The Sunlight
* Rewind Forward
* Miss Jean

A single from the EP is coming out Friday. Rewind it, or play it forward, your choice. You may or may not have heard it here first, but you heard it here best.

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