Goldie Hawn and Close Encounters

Written by on November 2, 2023

Goldie Hawn and Close Encounters – Story by Liam Sweeny.

Goldie Hawn. If you were a childe of the 70s and 80s, you probably loved her. I did, and I’m saying, we all did. She was a ray of sunshine in an overblown, over-muscled media universe. And what I am about to relay will not make you love her any less, not one iota. But we will question, and we will ponder, and we may walk away from this table in concord or utter discord, but we will know something new.

Goldie was visited by extraterrestrials. When she was around age 20, she was spending time with dancers in the California desert, an area of “high UFO activity.” She was asleep in a fellow dancer’s car when something approached her, something she had no clear words to describe, and had an encounter that also went beyond words, but she found some, claiming that she was touched on the face by a creature with “a shit mouth, small nose, and no ears.” And as she recounted, the touch was ecstatic, like the finger of God had rested upon her. Paralyzed, she was their subject, but she resisted not, and before she knew it, the creatures took their leave.

Goldie’s recollection is a tale of time. Had she spoken of this 15-20 years ago, she would’ve been laughed at, which she would’ve taken with a mix of disconcern and enjoyment. But we’re not talking about the past; we’re talking about now, when even the Pentagon admits that UFOs are real.

Did she get visited? Does that make sense? Why og why would aliens have any use in studying a young actress that would go to win Academy Awards and Oscars? Now you may think that she was making it up, but why? She’s famous; she has nothing to gain at this point by standing out more? Is she batty? Maybe, but again, we know UFOs exist now, and the California desert would be a great place to land to take a leak (do aliens pee?)

I believe her. And if an alien touches my face, I’m prepping for a good time.


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