Dark Forest Ham – The Weird Side of the Internet – by Liam Sweeny. I believe in alien life in the universe. Sort of. I believe in the “dark forest” hypothesis. To explain, Italian physicist Enrico Fermi talked about a paradox that ended up bearing his name, the “Fermi Paradox.” It said basically that, given […]

A year ago today I witnessed a UFO in the sky above Green Island, New York. Here’s the video footage!

Goldie Hawn and Close Encounters – Story by Liam Sweeny. Goldie Hawn. If you were a childe of the 70s and 80s, you probably loved her. I did, and I’m saying, we all did. She was a ray of sunshine in an overblown, over-muscled media universe. And what I am about to relay will not […]

No MSG TV This week we explore the wonderful world of garbage tossing and government alien disclosures. We don’t believe that aliens are tossing garbage, but maybe that’s the whole reason they come here.    

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