The Peruvian Non-Humans Are Back

Written by on November 11, 2023

The Peruvian ‘Non-Humans Are Back, by Liam Sweeny.

The Mexican government’s lower chamber was diligent in its approach to the public good on November 7th, spending hours upon hours of time on the Peruvian ‘non-human.”

I’m sure you heard this in its original, or maybe you didn’t, I don’t know what you do. The original incident was the presentation of a number of mummified bodies to the Mexican government, who, in every sense ‘bought it, and it rose from backroom curiosity to ‘the public’s work.”

There were no reporters allowed at this repeat show, which includes photos and x-rays.

They found out that the original esteemed emissaries of galactic good will turned out to be cheap plastic dolls with clever special effects to make the skin look real.

But these new ones are sure to be legit.

Call me batty, but if I was the government, I would have no interest in have public showing of alien bodies. Any countries with a box store and a ‘Black Friday’ should know what excited people are capable of.

On the one, I’m thinking the Mexican government is embarrassed because it fell for a hoax. So now, is this new meeting a chance to redeem themselves by maybe being more critical? Or is Mexico just really into aliens and UFOs.

Maybe Mexico is just setting themselves up to be the official host of our alien friends in 2024? Maybe Mexico has alien passports already, just in a box, waiting to be handen out. Maybe the only place they could legally fly their ships low is Mexican airspace.

You know, I’m gonna say ‘go, Mexico.” For loving the weird, and probably having actual aliens tucked away somewhere.

As a note, I do know that our own Congress had a hearing about UFOs. But I expect that of our Congress that funds slug sex.


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