Hate the Adversary – Thanks for Asking

Written by on November 11, 2023

Hate the Adversary – Thanks for Asking, by Liam Sweeny.

RRX: Every comic book hero has an origin story. What is the origin story for the band? (points if you tell it like a comic book origin.)

HTA: In a world of drugs, sex, rock & roll, and mediocrity, we arose from the ashes of our little towns only Bro-Core band and sought to change the course of music forever. Nah, I’m f***ing with ya. We came from a bunch of different scenes and inspirations and started doing our thing in March of 2018. Coming from thrash, punk, and hardcore roots and previously being in different bands that played a few awesome shows together, we formed Hate The Adversary. We wanted to create something that really brought together all of our influences into one solid sound. Getting 5 guys to agree to the way the songs should sound can be tough when you come from such diverse backgrounds, but here we are going strong 5 years later.

RRX: Every band’s first song is a milestone. But so is the latest song. Describe the first song/album you recorded, and also the latest song/album you recorded; what are the differences?

HTA: The first song we put together as a band was “God Complex”, which was released on our first EP Slaughter For A Profit. It’s really a simple song in terms of lyrical content. It tells the story of ego and how it can really ruin scenes. Growing up in a small area, ego and inter-scene squabbles were a staple. We sought to change that by playing nonstop shows with tons of different bands in different genres. This provided a place where people from altogether differing backgrounds could get a taste of something new. Our newest song, “Keep The Distance”, really doubles down on that concept. The new songs will give people a little more to mosh to, and we’re looking at a January 2024 release date of our upcoming EP Reconstruction. This is really a demo in some ways for the direction we want to go in with our future releases, and we hope everyone enjoys it.

RRX: Like songs, every band has a unique feeling about their first show. What was your first show like? Was it your best show? If not, what was your best show like?

HTA: Our first show was at Crossroads in Pittsfield, MA. At the time, it was HTA’s base of operations, and getting the chance to show off everything we had been working on really meant a lot to us. We played with Noncompliants, who really became good friends to us and dropped a demo the same night. This really was an amazing start because it got us on point for playing with Obituary a week later, which became our baptism by fire into the 518 music scene. Our “best shows” are when we enjoy ourselves, when we meet new friends and leave a lasting impression.

RRX: Music genres are difficult for some bands. Some strictly adhere; others not so much. What is your perspective on the genre you play, or the genres you hover around?

HTA: The cool thing is that a lot of the scenes we get to play in are pretty diverse in terms of genre. In our own songs, we throw a lot at people ranging from fast thrash riffs to hardcore breakdowns and even a little punk mixed in. The closest label we’ve been able to agree to is Crossover Thrash/Hardcore, but in reality, genre means very little to us as long as these songs are reaching an audience that really enjoys it.

RRX: It’s a lot of fun living in the present, but we all collect memories and give birth to dreams. We’re talking dreams here. Where you see yourself next year? In the next five years?

HTA: Our dream is to keep doing what we’re doing. A year from now, 5 years from now, it doesn’t matter. We see ourselves playing a ton of awesome shows with some amazing bands and having a good time. We meet such cool people in the process and get to travel a bit. What’s not to like? As long as the shows keep coming, we’ll keep doing what we do best.

RRX: We all get a little support from those around us. And we also can be impressed by our fellow bands. Who do you admire in your community, and why?

HTA: We have received a lot of support in the scene throughout our time, and because of that, there are a few to name off. The first that comes to mind would definitely be the boys in Malefic who’ve supported us on and off the stage. They’re phenomenal people and never cease to be such good friends to us. They also tear up every stage they play. A few others would be Goblet from Western Mass, Silence Equals Death, Brick By Brick, Balor, and Violent By Design. These bands absolutely kill it and give us the inspiration to decimate every show we play with them.

Nick Leannain

Vocalist of Hate The Adversary

Their EP Slaughter For Profit is available on streaming services and new recordings are in the works.


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