Falmouth Delivery – A Dollar and a Let-Down

Written by on November 28, 2023

Falmouth Delivery – A Dollar and a Let-Down – by Liam Sweeny.

Some stories are just heartbreaking. I don’t cover those. I don’t want to break your heart. Maybe just borrow a five spot so I can grab a lottery ticket, that’s all. So less ‘break your heart,’ and more ‘annoy the piss out of you.’

But if I asked Danielle Alexandrov of Falmouth, Massachusetts for a lucky lottery five spot, I would be both annoying her and breaking her heart. Because one morning, FedEx delivered her a box full of dreams, and she had to give it back.

Do you have any idea what $20,000 worth of scratchoffs weighs? We’re just talking face value here. I sure don’t, but Danielle does, because that’s exactly what FedEx delivered her.

Now, I don’t know what the laws of maritime salvage are, but I’m thinking she would have a good case for keeping them. Sadly, until activated, that twenty-g of fun and bliss might as well be scratch paper. So she gave it back, and it got to Kenyon’s Market in East Falmouth, where it belonged.

So here’s my question. Did she get a reward for doing the right thing? I think that’s a test of our principles. If it was straight money, the Massachusetts Lottery might have thrown her a couple of bucks for being honest. But because she couldn’t go out and cash them herself, I’m betting she got no honesty bucks.

I also have to wonder if she’s going to go to Kenyon’s Market in East Falmouth and load up on five dollar Cashwords, or whatever the hell they have in Massachusetts.

Man, what a let down though, right? Not only did she not get any tickets, she had to lug a heavy-ass box to the post office. A dollar and a dream for sure.


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