Jung Yoo-jung – True Crime in Action

Written by on December 4, 2023

Jung Yoo-jung – True Crime in Action – by Liam Sweeny.

If you drew a Venn diagram of all that’s weird, and all that’s macabre, there’d be huge overlap. Yeah, once in a while you find Barry the steak-loving heifer or the monkey who will slap your nuts if you give him a quarter, but most of the weird news is darker than my coffee.

Take the curious case of Jung Yoo-jung, 23. True crime addict, watched all the docs, read all the books – even did a hands-on practical. Yes, she killed someone.

She didn’t just kill someone. She dismembered them. Why, you ask? Who pissed her off to take her obsession to the next level? No one. She killed a stranger, just to see what it was like.

But is why I chose to cover this. She was a hundred-percent drop-dead awful at it. Despite having a very detailed plan, and after having contacted 50 tutors (the victim was a tutor) she not only dismembered them, she got in a cab with body parts in a suitcase to bring them to a park. I don’t think that the cabbie couldn’t not call the police. He probably had to get reimbursed for the cleaning costs.

She had body parts at her house too. This woman was a mess. She said she did it just to see what it was like. And they gave her life in prison. Not sure if she wanted to know what that was like.

Another reason I’m covering this is because I know so many true crime people who talk big like ‘I’ve watched hundreds of hours of true crime; I’m an expert at killing someone if I wanted to.” I get this from crime and mystery writers too. Forget all that. Y’all would be doing the same stupid shit as her if it came down to it. Hey, ever hear of Leopold and Loeb? Kid geniuses, killed another kid, didn’t get away with it. Their IQs were in the 200s. Just don’t try it, folks.



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