Project CDAP – Minority Report Live!

Written by on December 5, 2023

Project CDAP – Minority Report Live! – by Liam Sweeny.

Who saw Minority Report? Did you? Wasn’t that crazy, arresting people because they were going to commit crime? Hey, you want to see it again? They’re putting on a live version in the UK in about three years.

It’s called Project CDAP, and it is AI designed to detect patterns that may indicate criminal behavior, such as strange driving habits or bank activity which, alone might not be anything, but seen with loads of other data points, can alert the police to naughty deeds.

So let’s unpack this. We’re going to have two kinds of people here. On the one hand, we’ll have people who are all for it. It can stop drug dealers and money launderers and pedophile rings and human traffickers, and there shouldn’t be any question we should poop them out and wipe twice. Some of these people will let the government shove a camera “up there” just to be safe from terrorists. On the other hand, there are people who go to the store to pick up rope, a ski mask, petroleum jelly and a cucumber for common, everyday purposes. (I’m just saying there’s probably one person who does this) These people just want to go skiing after they hang their clothesline, do their elbows and eat a healthy salad. They don’t need a personal visit from a Bobby.

Look, folks. We’re about to hit the age where everything is knowable about everything we do. There are kids that have no idea what privacy is. And a sizeable chunk of people walk blindly guided by the adage, “If you ain’t doing nothing wrong, you got nothing to worry about.”

In America, there are over thirty thousand laws, and that’s just federal. How do you really know if you’re doing something wrong? If you tear off a mattress tag, that is under penalty of law, brothers and sisters. Time to staff the mattress store with detectives. And your friendly neighborhood android.

Enjoy your freedom. Go buy some unusual items at the grocery store while you still can.



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