Pineapple on Pizza – Not the Most Controversial Topping Anymore

Written by on December 18, 2023

Pineapple on Pizza – Not the Most Controversial Topping Anymore – by Liam Sweeny.

I have a habit on Facebook, in part enabled by algorithms. I share bad food. Not rotten, spoiled food; bad food. Food that should have never been. Mayonnaise Wellington. Nacho cheese meringue pie with crushed Dorito crust. Anything and everything in a Jello mold. Note that I have no culinary or gastronomic interest in these things, nor do I have the intent to gross my friends out, though that is usually the outcome. I just find bad food combinations to be the abstract art of the food world.

So I’ve just seen one of these here, only in this case, my sense of gastronomic adventure wishes it wasn’t past November. And that I was in Hong Kong.

Pizza Hut teamed up with a hundred-year-old Hong Kong restaurant – Ser Wong Fun – to replicate a very popular Hong Kong and southern Chinese stew into a nine inch pizza. Secret ingredient? Shredded snake meat.

So yeah, I know… why isn’t it here? In Arizona, at least? I think that one out of ten people will order one. For God’s sake, people are eating pineapple on pizza as we speak. I’m sure snake meat could be the next thing we have a non-serious battle over.

I don’t know what snake meat tastes like. But there was a restaurant in Albany that served ostrich, camel, alligator, and about seven other kinds of animal that nobody eats. And I can’t tell you how great the sauce was. And I’m not going to tell you what animal I ate, just to say that it wasn’t anything cute and cuddly.

I know I would try snake meat pizza. I would be compelled to. About the only thing I’m hesitant to eat is the scorpion in the center of a souvenir Arizona lollipop. Oh yeah, and Garganzola cheese. I don’t know why they sell a block of foot odor. And no, it is not Bleu Cheese. I know what I saw.


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