ChatGPT-4 Christmas

Written by on December 19, 2023

ChatGPT-4 Christmas – story by Liam Sweeny.

I hope the following exercise was slacker fun and not an earnest endeavor, and here it is. Tom Acres, technology reporter for Sky News, in realizing that there are “holy shit” days left until Christmas, decided to let AI plan out his holiday. ChatGPT-4 to be exact. He asked it what gifts to buy people, putting in what they were into. For example, his dad is into the football (soccer) team Arsenal, and so ChaptGPT-4 suggested a “scarf, mug, or keychain.”

Way to think outside the red shiny box.

For Acres’s daughter, a Swiftie, it recommended, on a given budget of 50 pounds, some tickets to her next show “if she’s touring.” So let’s unpack that. ChatGPT, the thing that’s replacing us less slowly and more surely, doesn’t know about the Eras Tour? And 50 pounds is what you’ll pay in bail if you sneak into a Taylor Swift concert. You might as well be watching from the International Space Station. It’d be cheaper to get there.

One thing I’m positive AI excelled at was designing Tom Acres’s Christmas cards. They probably look like they were done by some great artist. And they were. Artists – plural. And upon my soapbox, I climb.

I got my mother a painting of stairs going out to a lake. I got her two puzzles with big pieces so she can see them, and two vintage shirts from a small shop on the street I live on. (She’ll never read this.) ChatGPT-4 could never have have suggested these presents. Why? Because she did. Remember the whole “whattaya want for Christmas?” that we used to ask each other? No, let’s ask a robot what little Missy wants.

ChatGPT-4 is like the Wizard of Oz if it’s your first day on the internet.

My Christmas? Fruitcake, eggnog, garland, lights, a roaring fire (on Netflix) and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (also on Netflix).

Wrap that up, ChatGPT-4.


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