Tommy V Live: The Capital District’s Heavy Metal Powerhouse Taking the Stage by Storm

Written by on December 22, 2023

Title: “Tommy V Live: The Capital District’s Heavy Metal Powerhouse Taking the Stage by Storm”
By Stephanie J Bartik (NY Rockstar Photographer)

The Capital District’s local metal scene has a gem that has been steadily growing in prominence and captivating audiences with their electrifying performances – Tommy V Live. Stepping into the heavy ’80s and ’90s metal arena, they’ve become a force to be reckoned with, covering iconic hits from Dio, AC DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice in Chains, Whitesnake, and more.

Four years ago, I stumbled upon Tommy V Live in a small club, and I was instantly struck by the sheer talent emanating from the stage. Fast forward to today, and they have transcended the confines of smaller venues, packing out larger capacity spaces like Frog Alley in Schenectady, where fans eagerly gather for a night of nostalgic metal magic.

Tommy V Live’s ascent to success is not just about their musical prowess but also their unwavering dedication to delivering unforgettable performances. Their fan base has burgeoned over the years, a testament to their ability to consistently exceed expectations.

At the forefront of the band is Tommy Verrigni, whose high-energy vocals set the stage on fire. Akin to the energizer bunny, his infectious excitement spreads like wildfire, engaging the audience in an unforgettable experience. Ed Knight takes on the role of the shredder, captivating fans with his mesmerizing solo riffs. John Dodge’s extraordinary bass playing is more than just a background rhythm – it’s an integral part of the band’s sonic identity. And then there’s Eric Elmore, the drummer, perched high on his drum riser, a crucial element in the rhythmic symphony of the band.

What sets Tommy V Live apart is the palpable brotherhood among its members. Their camaraderie is not just for show; it’s a genuine connection that translates into an authentic and enjoyable stage presence.

Behind the scenes, the professional touch of Ryan Nilsen, owner of Viking Audio Services, ensures perfect sound quality, while Randy Decker, owner of Decks Pro Lighting, adds his signature lighting work, transforming each show into a stadium-worthy spectacle.

For those looking to experience the raw power and nostalgia of ’80s and ’90s metal, Tommy V Live is a must-see. Follow them on Facebook for updates on their upcoming shows and mark your calendar for a rare New Year’s Eve performance at Frog Alley on December 31st at 8:30 PM – the perfect way to kick off the new year with a bang!


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