Jukebox. Steve Vai, Danny Carey, Adrian Belew, and Tony Levin Nothing br=eats the birth of a musical supergroup. So when Steve Vai, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, and Tool drummer Danny Carey coming together to form a new band, love is around the corner. It’s called Beat, and it will perform King Crimson songs. What makes […]

Title: “Tommy V Live: The Capital District’s Heavy Metal Powerhouse Taking the Stage by Storm” By Stephanie J Bartik (NY Rockstar Photographer) The Capital District’s local metal scene has a gem that has been steadily growing in prominence and captivating audiences with their electrifying performances – Tommy V Live. Stepping into the heavy ’80s and […]

Crazy Train and Back in Black performed at Cohoes Music Hall on October 21st. Photography by Stephanie Bartik.

The road. We’ve all been on it. By bus, by car, by RV or semi. We have all travelled the highways and byways in one form or another. There’s nothing like a road trip to bond a group of friends, and there’s nothing like a long drive to clear your head. In the world of […]

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