Vegas Nacy – An Xperience Interview

Written by on February 5, 2024

Vegas Nacy – An Xperience Interview – by Rob Smittix.

RRX: So, yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this and I think now is the perfect time. You started an organization, Precious Souls. Tell us about it.

VN:. Yeah. Since my twenties, I just really had this overwhelming urge to try and do something for abused kids, sick kids… that kind of thing. When it really hit me was once I had my son. I had my own child and realized just how precious he was. That’s when it really kicked into gear. But with me and my over active brain, I always have 100 things up there. Like this is a great idea. Do this, do that, do this. I get scattered, you know? My wife really helped hone this in and say, look, let’s get this started. So, yeah, precious souls was born.

RRX: That’s awesome. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna get behind a cause like this? It seems to be the one to get behind. And all the donations and everything are always gonna go towards it. Right? I mean, you don’t know what you’re getting with charities.

VN: 100% And that’s the thing with me… I wanna be absolutely 100% transparent. I’m working on getting a brick and mortar spot for these kids so that they can come in and maybe learn an instrument from a musician or learn a sport from an athlete, maybe offer therapy, you know? That kind of thing. And really, when I was a kid, teen centers were a big thing.

RRX: Sure. I was just thinking that,

VN: They worked wonders and it’s like, I don’t know what happened. They all fizzled out and social media took over. That seems to be everyone’s therapist, which is not a great idea.

RRX: No, clearly not. You’re right. I look at the little town my Mom lives in (Ravena). I got transferred out there after dealing with the tough Albany schools. But that’s another story. When I went to Ravena, there’s nothing in the town. They had a bowling alley, which can be a place for kids to go. But they also had a teen center. They had a place for us kids to go. Ravena right now, has no bowling alley. They’ve got no teen center. What are kids to do in a little boring ass town like that? But find themselves in some trouble.

VN: Correct. 100%, especially if they don’t feel any love at home. This goes deeper than a parent blatantly abusing the child. There are the parents these days working two jobs, two parents working two jobs. It’s like, well, go home and make your own dinner or babysit yourself. I’ve been reading stats every day here and I’m getting myself crazy. It’s parents are going straight to murdering their Children. If you look at the stories these days.

RRX: Oh my God. I just don’t get it. And honestly, I mean, I’m one of those people, if there’s a big story about child abuse or neglect or something like that in the news, especially locally when it really hits home in the community; I’ll be the first to admit, I’m the one that I doesn’t wanna hear it. I won’t read it. I won’t look at it. I turn the news off because it hurts. It’s depressing and it’s disgusting. I know it’s out there I’m well aware. But yeah, I try to avoid it. I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do, but I just try to tune it out.

VN: Well, I think that’s the idea behind Precious Souls too. Stop ignoring, looking away or diverting. We’re gonna bring it to light and together as a community. With guys like you, I mean, I could make a list right now of people that have just… I get goosebumps thinking about how much support I have. It’s absolutely amazing.

RRX: Well, this is all pretty fresh, right?

VN: Just getting the ball rolling. Obviously to do it right, you’ve gotta have a 501C3 for taxes and a non profit. So each day I just learn a little more and I reach out to other nonprofits that are successful, especially in this particular field. I don’t want this to fail and I don’t see how it could fail because everyone’s just so supportive.
I started this by taking some sneakers and getting them autographed from bands and that was the coolest. Getting support from the music scene all over the country when I get these things signed up. These musicians are like, whatever else we can do just let us know.
So, the music side of it goes hand in hand, a lot of them started into music because they didn’t have anything at home, et cetera.

RRX: Sure.

VN: Those connections. That’s putting me a step ahead,

RRX: I mean you’re known in the community. I knew who you were before we knew each other because of the music.

VN: I’ve always been out there again with my over active brain. I’m always out there doing something and it never was for attention. I have a passion, you know? I’m a passionate person and boy, now as I’m older and I’m more focused. This nonprofit is really something music game. These are international acts, these are well known bands.
I’m excited about.

RRX: Just circling back to the autographed sneakers So our readers understand. I’ve seen pictures of Converse and then you would go to a show or something or you’d meet up with somebody, how’d that work? And who did you get autographs from so far?

VN: So far, I’ve got sneakers from Pantera. Obviously it’s sad that it’s not the original line up but it’s Phil and Rex and the other two guys that did some artwork on there. I have sneakers from Murphy’s Law., Agnostic Front, Ginger, Coal Chamber who’s reunited, Non point…

RRX: In this moment, I think right?

VN: Yes, they’re friends. I got a guitar signed from them and sneakers.

RRX: Wow! These are big dogs in the music world, these are international acts, these are well known bands!

VN: I’d love to have maiden shoes and the biggest of the big, you know? And not just in the heavy side of things. Everybody, anyone that’s in the music scene or movie scene.

RRX: Why not? And when you get these shoes autographed or a little artwork on a guitar then what happens?

VN: So the thing is to set up as an eBay store and we’ll auction these off. Obviously that money goes directly into the charity.

RRX: . I mean, how could any sane, rational person not get behind this?

VN: Yeah, that’s how I feel, in the beginning I was like… especially coming from a band that’s toured and stuff before, where I just would be like, oh, I don’t wanna bother them. They just got off stage. But… then my wife said, do you realize what your cause is for? If you go up to one of these performers how could they say no? Local bands are coming and they’re donating their merch too. So props to the local community as well.



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