Paradox and Dating Apps – The Weird Side of the Internet

Written by on March 1, 2024

Paradox and Dating Apps – The Weird Side of the Internet – by Liam Sweeny.

Did you know there is a paradox nestled deep in the heart of our dating apps like a ghost in the machine. It’s a simple, true fact that makes pretty much any dating app, a business mess?

How do you measure success? You give your customers what they’re looking for and they’ll hopefully reward you with their continued patronage. So what if your customer wants to ultimately not need your business? A good matchmaking service will have a higher success rate, and more people will meet people, and cancel their subscription because they don’t need it anymore. And the business takes a double hit, as it’s two people to cancel out.

So I’m thinking about that. What could you offer as a “Silver” post-relationship prescription. Imagine if it was basically a small home appliance they send you for twenty bucks. More seriously, it could be deals on cruises and a social calendar. Time shares, right? As soon as you meet someone they just know, and they start sending out mailings like AARP.

So Cupid, Match, I guess it’s on you. But I should also mention that Gen Z isn’t all that big on matchmaking services. I think they’ve grown up seeing crazies on dating apps, and there are other social media back alleys to find love.

And here’s another thing. The head honchos of these matchmaking companies brag about how the get wedding invitations from couples that met on the site. Who the hell would do that? Oh yeah, not enough room for Aunt Betty but The CEO of Match ordered the salmon, so… I would feel so awkward as the CEO getting that nice wedding invitation. That fine paper, you know? In his hands? Yeah, awkward.

If you gotta find love, you gotta find love. Hit us those sites, and hit them up well.



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