Week Twenty-One: Jesse Sample’s Freak of the Week “Paying a Ticket”

Written by on May 22, 2024

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This is Jesse Sample. Mundane things get a bad rap. We are inundated with images of people doing exciting things while enjoying exciting food and drink surrounded by exciting people in exciting places. I am just as drawn to a wild good time as much as anyone else but I am also drawn to some of the less obvious joys.

There is something special about taking a nice shower, putting on some clothes that fit just right, hitting a couple shots of cologne and cruising down to the town court to pay a ticket and then heading over to Hannaford to walk through the isles until something strikes you. It’s not Las Vegas but its a fine form of happiness, just as well.

When we go out and run the unsexy errands to keep our lives in working order, we often do it alongside multitudes of other people who are doing the same thing. The woman at the DMV with the kind brown eyes has life that if far from mundane and the Indian man at the bank has a unique life and set of experience. People’s lives are the opposite of mundane.

People’s lives are as beautiful and ornate as the great opera halls of Vienna and as wild and unpredictable as the roving gangles of Spring Breakers in Panama City. The arena of the day to day is where real and raw life occurs the most.

Thanks to all of you listening to RadioRadioX. This is the Freak of the Week, “Paying a Ticket.”

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