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Rockin’ 4 Seth – On Saturday, April 15th, John Cehowski, Ed Yasko, Brian Kane, Tank, and Vinyl Vault played Rockin’ 4 Seth benefit at Bebob’s Backstreet BBQ in Lake George. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

Sonic Sacrifice, Zeffler and Southbound Renegade played at the Fuzebox on Sunday, April 16th. Photography by Timothy Reidy.  

On April 13th, House of Saturn, Sneaky Miles, and Deb Cavanaugh and Dandelion Wine performed at Pauly’s Hotel in Albany. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

Laveda, Candy Ambulance and Beargrass played Empire Underground in Albany on Friday, April 14th. Photography by Timothy Reidy. 14 April

The Last Time I Saw Scarface Billy. I saw Billy at the Bus Stop on Nicolette and Franklin. I hadn’t seen him in eight years, but Scarface Billy looked 20 years older. He was on crutches dragging a bum leg in a brace. His face had been always been a cross-hatch of scars, but it […]

Olivia Rodrigo kick-started her career on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark and then went on to the Disney+ show, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, where she first showed off her songwriting skills with “All I Want”. The song conveyed a teenage girl’s struggle between two guys and her obstacles with dating. The song hit 119 […]

For most music fanatics of this paper, the world of rave and electronic dance is likely a little lost on them and their era. With its emergence comes a whole range of new and younger fanbases. Even with me being a part of that generation and realm, hearing of DJ Dr. Fresch was a first […]

Is it the heat? Is something in the water? It should be no surprise that some of our greatest rock artists have come out of the lone star state. Texas is also rich in Country and Blues. In fact, Alan Lomax spent a good amount of time, particularly in Dallas, putting together the Great American […]

Top Five Weird Venues When scientists manage to crack open the fifth dimension, it won’t be long before some wet behind the ears rock band or seasoned jazz fusion impresario figures out a way to book a section of it and do a show there. Here are some weird venues. According to World Cities Culture […]

Welcome to The Heights. A new monthly forum that attempts to demystify the culture, history and characteristics existing within the American art form known as jazz. I’m Joe Barna. I will be presenting interviews, topics pertaining to the music, and introducing those who may be unfamiliar with the idiom to the beautiful qualities inherent within […]

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