Author: Joshua Reedy

Unwound, “Leaves Turn Inside You,” Album Review. Reviewer Josh Reedy. My copies: 2018 reissue by Numero Group, 2021 limited repress on “scarlette” red vinyl by Numero Group and the 2023 limited tour pressing with inverted colors by Numero Group. I knew the time would come for me to gush about this album again. Leaves Turn […]

Animal Collective, Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished My copy: 2009 limited reissue, FatCat Records     Spirit is an indomitable force in the Animal Collective catalog. This album is the result of an extremely creative mind expressing its angst, fear, love and curiosity in the most cheerfully visceral way possible. Off the bat you’ll notice […]

Brian Eno is a legend in ambient music and production for a reason. Reflection was gifted to me by a relative who knows that I enjoy Eno’s other works, and it became clear upon first listen that Eno has not lost his touch. Reflection is an hour-long piece that is broken into four separate sections […]

Nick Santos is the talented voice behind his up-and-coming project Lily, with music that’s been given as much love as the dog it shares a name with. Santos writes in to talk about his debut album Honesty Hour, the future of the scene, and what making music means to him. RRX: Tell me a bit […]

Lily Morgan is the talented songwriter behind Stella and the Reptilians, a group she’s now formed after years of writing and performing original material. Morgan wrote in via email to discuss a new release, what it’s like for her to work with a full band, and more. RRX: First, introduce yourselves! If you could list […]

The Ugly Muppets are a Saratoga based trio creating thoughtful and hard-hitting psych/garage-rock. Their recently released album titled Committee of Public Safety is a skillfully crafted blend of old school psych-rock influences and modern indie stylings, and the band is far from finished. In a recent interview, the Muppets (Dan Burt, Josh Clark and Jeremy […]

Turf ‘N’ Turf is the extremely unique audio/visual project of Kevin Vaill. Vaill’s goal is to create a long-lasting impression with his impressive one-man show that features waves of guitar that are as imposing as his aesthetic. Not only does Vaill play guitar from his home-made Blues Brothers inspired “Noise Machine,” but he also provides […]

Safety Meeting is composed of three fun-loving and genuine guys who make music that sounds like what you’d expect from a band called Safety Meeting (reverb-soaked indie-rock with some touches of psych and jazz). The band sat down to discuss the role they play in the Saratoga rock scene, the strain COVID has put on […]

Caribbean Crisis are an extremely unique group based in Albany who play a heavy blend of Russian folk and American punk rock. With three quarters of the band being comprised of international students, Caribbean Crisis is a shining example of how a diverse group of people can come together to make something interesting. I sat […]

The Northway are an up-and-coming punk/progressive rock band with an infectious energy and catchy songwriting skills. The band has been working on a second LP and wrote in to discuss their progress and other aspects of band life. RRX: How are you guys doing as a band? I saw you play last at a local […]

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