Salem in the blood – Kristian Montgomery. Halloween has long been the inspiration for Artists who have struggled to fit in. Those of us on the periphery who have a need more than a want to make art. The Ghost of the past, The things that haunt us until we have to face what scares […]

Harris Wolobah died. Maybe I should say that first. No jokes, no cornspun stories, though those may come later. Teenager, tenth-grader. Basketball player. And while they don’t totally know the exact cause of death, it occurred directlt after Wolobah ate a chip. Not just any chip. This was a chip packaged all by its lonesome, […]

Okay, so there’s a lot to unpack here, and not one of those things in a beach towel. And since I need that thing for hitchhiking, what’s packed is all worth staying home a bit. (Douglas Adams, look it up.) Elon Musk. Here’s a guy everybody loves to hate…to love. He truly is an enigma. […]

Left of the Dial. “What is this shit?” That’s the opening line of a very famous Greil Marcus review of Bob Dylan’s 1970 double album, Self Portrait. It still cracks me up every time I read it. What’s sometimes forgotten is that the review as a whole is pretty exhaustive and quite nuanced. It has […]

Count how many horror and apocalyptic movies started with scientists on a research mission finding something. Now add one. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is just such a group of scientists, and they just found something in the Gulf of Alaska that they can’t identify. So its deets: a ‘golden orb’ about four […]

Liar Liar. It’s sometime in 1965 and an eight-year-old kid is making his First Communion. It’s a big thing. You get gifts. I’m that kid and I’m about to get something that will open up the world to my young ears. No more will my contact to rock n roll be restricted to just the […]

James Turecamo. In 1850, the latest in a long line of 13-year-old boys began a job as a “hoggee” – leading mules towing barges along the Erie Canal.  His name was Michael Moran, son of a 61-year-old unemployed stonemason who had recently emigrated from Ireland with his family, settling along the Canal in upstate New […]

Niagara, “Baby the Rain Must Fall.” Article by Dean Giagni. Art, rock and roll, and the bleak industrial landscapes of Detroit and Hudson that inspired them, collided Friday in The New Gallery’s inaugural opening exhibit “Baby the Rain Must Fall”, new paintings by Niagara. A Detroit music icon, Niagara was lead singer and provocateur in the […]

In keeping up with the tradition of us not telling you first, but telling you better, yesterday, the corner of Ludlow and Rivington on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, was renamed “Beastie Boy Square. If you didn’t know, Ludlow and Rivington was the block featured on the album “Paul’s Boutique.” The city has a […]

Concert Security. Most things in life involve a balance of perspectives. Almost even fight would be solved were it possible for the two combatants to sit down over a Mai Tai and share life stories, Okay, that’s a little bit of bulls**t, but it’s only a little bit of bullshit. Why I bring this up […]

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