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Can – Future Days (1973) – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. My copy: 2014 remastered reissue by Spoon Records. Damo Suzuki’s fourth and final release with Can, Future Days sees the kraut-rock poster-children move into a new realm of contemplative ambient tones; their lengthy jamming now removed from corrosive sound experiments so as to focus […]

Sonic Youth – Sister (1987) My copy: 2016 reissue by Goofin’ Records. From Blue Cadet-3 – A Music Blog Following Evol in ‘86, Sonic Youth released the middle child of their most famous three album run. Though it precedes Daydream Nation (their most famous release of the 80s and potentially of all time) by just […]

Brian Eno is a legend in ambient music and production for a reason. Reflection was gifted to me by a relative who knows that I enjoy Eno’s other works, and it became clear upon first listen that Eno has not lost his touch. Reflection is an hour-long piece that is broken into four separate sections […]

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