Hammer and Nail. Americana. When you hear the word, it almost sounds catch-all. I think of Johnny Cash singing “I’ve Been Everywhere.” There’s a million facets to what make this country cherished and unique, but some things we look at, or into like the Grand Canyon, and we say “Yup, that’s America.” Hammer and Nail […]

Irish rock combines two very different feels in a beautiful way; the Celtic, Appalachian folk sound, with its roots in nature, and rock ‘n’ roll, with its roots in rebellion and overdrive. I like to identify and classify music, maybe you noticed, but only because when I hear a great thing, I want to absorb […]

America is a treasure chest to the ear. Along the highways and byways beats are carried over vibrating strings and crooners sing for that girl they knew one summer at the county fair. Americana is more than just a music; it’s music. It’s the telling of a story in a language everyone can get. Marcus […]

With the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards show fast approaching to TV screens on Sunday, January 26,2020, millions of music followers will be watching the annual show to see if their favorite musician, band, or composer wins their award for best music album, song, composition, or even best new recording artist. This year’s event will take […]

At the General Store down the river, go about five miles south past the last Cow Crossing sign, where the trucks in the lot all have mud finishes and if they don’t sell it, you just don’t need it, and you might just find Big Frank and the Bargain Bingers kickstarting Judgment Day. With Frank […]

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