Dealt The Blues

On Saturday, January 27, Spitzie’s in Colonie held a party at their dealership. Folks were entertained with food and Dealt The Blues. Spitzie’s plans to have more items this year.Photography by Timothy Reidy.     More from Timothy Reidy…

Hello and welcome to Capital Region Time Keepers, a monthly offering that focuses on our local percussion community. I have truly enjoyed doing this for the last year, and have loved interviewing every one of you Time Keepers. Last month while interviewing Brian Melick, it occurred to me that prior to talking with Brian, my […]

The city of Watervliet at the Arsenal City Tavern was the site of the 4th Annual Oktoberfest Sat afternoon into evening as “Dealt The Blues” played a marathon show for almost 4 hours! Randy Staats (vocals and harmonica) and the boys Joe Hirts (lead guitars),Frank LaFalce (bass)and Rocky Petrocelli (percussion) jammed after a 15 month […]

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