Dick Beach

RRX: We’re speaking with Carole Pope.  Thanks so much for your time. CP: Glad to be here. RRX: You were born in England and moved to Canada and subsequently all  around.  When did you start to become interested in music and the arts? CP: I think that started when I was nine. I don’t know. […]

By his own admission, is a workaholic. School, sports, homework then rock band. Rinse and repeat. This classically trained percussionist is now the go to drummer for everyone who is anyone. RRX: First, thank you. Kenny KA is my victim today for an interview KA: Yeah. I am a busy man, that’s for sure. The list […]

All images should be credited to: Courtesy Running Press The Cocktail Workshop  Photos are copyright @ 2021 by Quaker City Mercantile Cover copyright @ 2021 by Hatchette Book Group, Inc/ RRX: Gentlemen, first, thank you very much. Much appreciated. I’m speaking with Steve Erase and Adam Grasse about their new book, The Cocktail Workshop, which […]

Photo By: Photo: Anja van Ast Steve Conte is known for different things to different audiences.  Cowboy Bebop to some, a player with Blood, Sweat and Tears to others, and as a member of the iconic New York Dolls.  One hard hitting question and a bunch of other, interesting, conversations. RRX: We’re speaking with Steve […]

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