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Prog Digest – An Xperience Column – by Dick Beach. Greetings all. This month is “take a walk down memory lane” time. Now, I am not as old and cranky as Jeff Spaulding; very few are. But I have recently (like right about now) come to the age where the first question I am asked […]

Rick Wakeman – at The Egg 3/29/2024 – The Return of the Caped Crusader A Review by Dick Beach   Known by many monikers these days, Grumpy Old Rock Star and The Caped Crusader amongst others, Rick Wakeman is a legend.  Not simply a legend, but one whose work is precise, flourished, unique and very […]

Kenny Aronoff – Xperience History – Original article by Dick Beach. By his own admission, is a workaholic. School, sports, homework then rock band. Rinse and repeat. This classically trained percussionist is now the go to drummer for everyone who is anyone. RRX: First, thank you. Kenny KA is my victim today for an interview KA: […]

Dweezil Zappa – Interview – Xperience History, by Dick Beach.   RRX: Thanks for joining us. I want to start at the very beginning. Having done some research, it was fascinating that when you were born, the hospital would not let you have your name, which I thought pretty interesting. But then, when I found […]

New York City Wine and Food Festival 2023: a look in Three parts – by Dick Beach. Part 3 A decidedly different event all around. The Drag Brunch hosted by Lea DeLaria was far less about food and more about the show. Held in The Venue at the Hard Rock Hotel, this was certainly entertaining.  […]

New York City Wine and Food Festival 2023, Landmarc – a look in Three parts – by Dick Beach. Part 2 What a departure from the event of last evening.  Today (Oct 14) we chose to attend a smaller event at the Landmarc location on the lower west side of the city.  Dine and Demo […]

New York City Wine and Food Festival 2023, Ginny’s Supper Club, a look in three parts – by Dick Beach. Part 1 This is decidedly not a review.  Nor is it designed to be comprehensive – jut a look at one of the largest food events in the country through the eyes of a one […]

Open Mic at Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar An Evening in NYC by Dick Beach Once upon a time, a young man purchased a double album titled Ashford and Simpson Live.  Just the manner in which the announcer said “Ladies and Gentlemen – ASHford and SIMPson!” let you know it was a treat. Fast forward […]

Editor’s Note: We’ve had many great interviews in the past when we still had our “new car smell.” The following interview of Dweezil Zappa appeared in the April 2020 issue, which was the only purely-digital issue we’ve had. Enjoy. Having taken up the mantel of honoring and presenting his father Frank’s music, Dweezil Zappa has […]

Pat Metheny at Troy Music Hall. On a lovely fall evening, it seemed appropriate to hit the wayback machine.  Things have changed over the 30 plus years since last I’d seen Pat Metheny.  We’ve all gotten older, perhaps put on a couple pounds and gone grey.  All these things can likely be said about Pat.  […]

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