Kevin Wayne

Kevin Wayne (The Retrobilleze) – Thanks for Asking – by Liam Sweeny. RRX: Do you have anything out there for the hordes to consume? What do you have? (most current thing) And do you have any shows or events coming out next month? KW: Yes. We have a new CD, King of The Beach, recorded […]

The Retrobilleze came through The RadioRadioX studios to play a few originals in our lobby!

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel through a time warp to 1950’s Mid-Century Americana & Rockabilly? Ask “Kevin Wayne and the Retrobilleze”!! Tuesday, July 21,2020, I took a step back in time with singer/song writer/ guitarist, Kevin Wayne, and his band mates, Anna Finn (spoons/vocals) and Peter Murphy (guitar/bass), at the Eden Advisory Services […]

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