Mike and the Monsters

Johnny Morse has been a staple in the 518 local music scene for decades. Here’s a guy with more guitars than God and a wardrobe closet fit for a king but Johnny has decided to call it quits as far as we can tell after this weekend’s concert. The event is being held at the […]

Definitely a “Rocker Chick”. Definitely a talent. Definitely a force to be reckoned with!  And beware she might be on stage one minute and standing on the bar the next! When you go to see her perform with Mike and the Monsters, be ready for one heck of a show! Mike and the Monsters is […]

Once again we’re letting the paper fly throughout the Capital Region with the September Issue of Xperience. And it’s so good, we decided to give it to you digitally! Featured are pinup model and actress Meg De’Lish, the underground phenomena of Turfball, bands Mike and the Monsters, The Northway, Marcus Ruggeiro and Sideshow Gypsy, artist […]

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