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Ah, Riverfest! Where Xperience Monthly writer and citizen journalist Liam Sweeny met up with Theresa from T&J Soaps, and we came clean, with all the dirt on soapmaking.  

Xperience Monthly writer and citizen journalist Liam Sweeny went to Aria’s Emporium armed with questions and had a high noon with the owner. Questions were answered and answers sparked questions and Sweeny left having purchased a neat pen. Aria’s Emporium – Q&A

Byrdhouse Birthday: Vial, Ladybyrd and Proximity Crush played at No Fun on Wednesday, April 19th. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

“Performing: Guster American Authors Karina Rykman Eastbound Jesus The Age Precious Metals Caity Gallagher Music Glass Pony TV Doctors Ohzhe DJ HollyW8D Space Trash Frank Palangi Nickopotamus Melvin the Magnificent Playhouse Stage Co. Ruth Pelham Simply Ballroom Albany Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Albany Artpartners-Tsehaya & Co Inc. Sisters of the Rising Moon We have […]

On Wednesday, August 31, 2022, The Semrich’s ‘Reimagining The Classics’ Summer Festival 2020 came to a close, except for the upcoming Gala several days later. Chris Coletti, a mild mannered trumpeter with a ‘superman’ persona took the stage with a huge smile and a super hero determination to present a repertoire incorporating music from the […]

Halloween is coming, and a full moon will shine upon the October Issue of Xperience. But you don’t have to wait to read it! Featured are dancer and choreographer Jillian Davis, punk-Russion folk band Caribbean Crisis, writer and comedian Greg Mania, Brule County Bad Boys, and writer and photographer Vincent Zandri. Xperience October Issue – […]

Who would have thought, the last normal day we had, would be on a Friday the 13th? That was the day our lives became uncertain. We had to change our way of life. Isolate ourselves from friends and loved ones; leave our jobs; miss proms and graduations. No more strolling around the malls, no more […]

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