Observations and Ramblings From a Cranky Old Guy

Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy – by Jeff Spaulding. Last time, in celebration of May being Mother’s Day Month, I put the spotlight on my mom. Not being sentimental, if you will, but more to show what a character she was, and how much of an influence she had on my life. […]

Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy – May – An Xperience Column – by Jeff Spaulding. Over the next two issues, I’ll be reflecting on my parents, in honor of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I‘m going to share what I call “unusual memories” of who they were and how they made me […]

Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy – An Xperience Column – by Jeff Spaulding. As February is considered the “Month of Love”, I thought this would be a good time to share my observations and ramblings on something many of you can identify with, especially if you are married or in a relationship, […]

This is a “very special” edition, my last, for now. As Sean Connery once said, “never say never”. I’ve retired after 46 years in broadcasting, half of that so-called “career” in the Capital District/Region (which phrase depends on your age, hell I still call it the Knickerbocker Arena). This is most likely not the last […]

Let’s talk about music, I have experience well beyond my years, or perhaps well before my years. When you consider my years as a so called “air personality” (“woke” for “DJ”), up until the last 12 years as a News Guy, if it was a hit, OR a stiff, if I didn’t play it on […]

When one gets older (not just crankier but it doesn’t hurt), one has tasks put upon them that one would never think would ever happen. For example, as the eldest living member of the family, it’s fairly normal to be in charge of attending to a deceased relative’s final needs. To make sure their wishes […]

If you are reading this and you are under 65, God bless you and all you stand for. If you are 65 plus, you will appreciate this, and perhaps you have experienced something similar. You know how they call the times of being a senior citizen “The Golden Years”? I’m going to add two words, […]

Recently, I accomplished one of my bucket list items, a list far from complete but worth checking off. Still on that list, staying in broadcasting to age 71, making fifty years in the business, the Good Lord Willing and I don’t lose my job or die…that looks good so far. I also want one more […]

Every one of you has had to do something at least once that we never thought about doing before, or were happy to do it when we knew we would have no choice, and not doing it could hurt us in the long run. Have you ever, for example, stayed at a crap job because […]

No matter who you are, we all have certain “moments” in our lives. Some are expected, some unexpected. Some are happy, some considered “WTF”. All have some sort of meaning. These “moments start when you’re young and continue until you assume room temperature. If you think about it, your life creates “moments” for others, even […]

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