The Crawl

The Crawl – An Xperience Interview – by Jordan Lanegan. You can knock Troy for a lot of reasons – it’s full of its eccentrics and quirks, there’s no doubt about that. But for as many reasons as you could knock it, you could equally find just as many reasons to admire and praise it. […]

The Crawl. Well, dang y’all! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Hello again – I’ve missed you. Happy End of Summer. I hope all of your summers were filled with as much sweetness as mine was. From cookouts, concerts, days on the water, nights filled with dancing, laughter and good friends, and a whole month […]

The Crawl. I am surrounded by mothers. They come in many forms, personalities and ages – older, younger, adoptive, step, single, married, military. I know churchgoing, cake-baking, field-trip volunteering, dinner on the table by six, ‘my children are my everything’ type moms. I know pot-smoking, mushroom-loving, concert-going, let your child run naked and free, ‘go […]

Two hours from Albany to Newark in the fast lane. Forty-five minutes of quick-stepping person after person, everyone as impatient as the next, tap-tap-tapping and snaking their way through the TSA line. Another hour waiting for the plane to arrive and people to be seated. Minimal hours of sleep from the night before. Two hours […]

Why is that none of us ever actually know what the hell it is we want? We think we do, but we don’t. We want excitement and spontaneity, but we also want stability and security. We want to have our shit together, but we also want to let loose and live. We want to learn […]

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