Jukebox. TikTok In a win for songwriters and artists, Universal Music Publishing Group, the world’s largest record label, has reached a deal with social media platform TikTok over three major issues after pulling their music from TikTok on January 31st. The issues were monetary compensation, the use of AI, and protections for songwriters, artists, […]

That New TikTok Hack, by Liam Sweeny. Okay, I feel robbed. Tell me if you would feel robbed by this story too. Apparently TikTokers have taken to putting a roll of toilet paper in the fridge. Now, I’m thinking that’s cool, in the most literal sense of the word. Sometimes you have to go and […]

48 Oysters – Who Pays? by Liam Sweeny. Dating is complicated. Not the two people getting to know each other part; that’s been complicated too, but we’ve had millennia to practice it. I’m talking about who pays. In the past, the men paid, always. But in the past, women weren’t as much a part of […]

Viral. Oh, that’s funny. I’m dying over here, crying into my keyboard. Share. I think this is something they will like. Only someone cool would put this up. Share. Wow, I did not see that coming. Wonder if anyone else will? Share, share, share! Viral – it’s not just a cat spilling a beaker in […]

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